Rottier becoming an Eskimo? Tillman tampering?

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Look at the last part of this story.

Doesn't this amount to tampering by Tillman? Free agency hasn't started yet.

It uses the word "deal". To me, that means that they're working on a trade for Rottier. Perfectly legal, if that's the case.

8) If a trade is in the works here, then Tillman must owe the Cats a favour !!
  Rottier has been rumoured to be going back to Alberta for months now, when he becomes a free agent in Feb.

   All Tillman would have to do normally is just wait until then, and sign him as a FA  !!

When they mean deal they are talking with the agent not trade. Rottier is a few weeks away from free agency. It is tampering in the technical sense but in practical terms "talking" to agents in January is tolerated in the CFL. Not hard to see what Tillman is doing. This year is probably the best draft since 96-97. He's got a bunch of draft picks. Threw away his franchise QB to lighten up his wallet and over two years crafted his payroll to have almost no obligations to his current players. He will cherry pick the best young free agents like Rottier, Fantuz and others, he'll then go into the draft and fill in the blanks. Between free agency,NFL tryouts and being outworked the Tiger-Cats will find themselves right back where they were 4 years ago. They don't seem to care as they focus on their new stadium and deal with their 2013 road show.

Totally agree there.

Don't agree there. .. nowhere in the article does it say that they are talking to the agent. He's not a F/A yet so if they were that would be tampering. . .but the article just says they are working on a deal to bring Rottier to Edmonton. Like Catsfan, I read that as meaning they are in negotiations with Hamilton to work out a trade to acquire him before he hits free agency.

The guy is 3 weeks from free agency. He has ZERO trade value. Tillman is not a "giver" but we agree to disagree. We will know soon :wink:

Sure, we can agree to disagree, always.

The advantage to trading for him now is that you get him before anyone else has a chance to, so that must be ET's thinking here.

Well it is well known that Rottier has family with the Eskimos and that's where he wants to be. Only way he could be involved in a trade is as a throw in. Tillman needs some good press right now, as it is very possible ticket renewals have been affected by his actions. So if Hamilton has a trade on the table for other players then maybe you could see him be part of it more for public relations than anything as he will be an Eskimo anyway. Jyles for Porter. It is far out but who knows.

Is anyone surprised that Tillman would be capable of this?? I'm not.

Don't care if he's 36 seconds from free agency it is still tampering. While it was rumoured that he was going home, it was also said that he was working on coming to terms with the Ticats. So knowing that one of our non-import O-Linemen is probably walking away at the end of the season, does someone want to remind me why we'd trade one away for Burris?? Has our organization ever heard of the ratio?

But again, where is the indication of tampering??

All I saw in the article was a reference that they were working on a deal, which to me means they are talking trade with Obie. That's not tampering.

Show me something that says ET is talking to Rottier's agent and hasn't had permission from Obie to do that, and then we can talk. Otherwise, this is blowing smoke.

yup when your tampering you have to make sure you tell the media about it .... :roll:

I don't think anyone is actually going to admit to that. I tend to think it would be silly of them to trade for him if he is only going to go there in a couple of weeks anyway.

I tend to agree with that. But on the other hand, this is the same guy who just traded a star QB for a draft pick, a backup Canadian kicker (when he already has several kickers on his roster) and a QB who hasn't been able to make it as a starter on four other teams so far.

Jyles is a commodity to him. I would be surprised if he was at camp.

Also this time last year he signed Bauman to a long term $150K per year contract. :roll:

Obie still has cap space from AB3 and Mann contracts($250K) to pick up free agents. :thup:

Whatever was left of his 2011 money went to Burris and with 300k on the books for Burris, OB does not have that much money. Edmonton has by far the most flexibility of any team. The guy has let the contracts expire on 30 players and dumped his most expensive player.

Correct me if I am wrong but Glenn's contract was $300K so it is a wash.

I don't know, could be but I figure with the weird status between Porter/Glenn both guys were probably between 175/225. But yeah no saving there at all.

IIRC, I think there were reports that $100,000 from Hamilton's cap space went towards Burris' signing bonus.

As for Rottier,the Ticats and Rottier's representatives are still talking and will do so right up until the free agency period begins. The Esks would be crazy to trade for a guy that will be a free agent in February and can't negotiate a new deal with him before that time. Yes, there is often the wink wink nudge nudge that goes on with agents but I've been told - again by several sources – that's not happening here.

Do the Esks want Rottier? Of course they do. Will he end up there? It's certainly very possible, for all the reasons I've mentioned before (money, family etc etc.) But he's said before that he - and more importantly his wife – have come to enjoy Hamilton and aren't opposed to staying... if the money's right.