Rosters Taking Shape: Tracking cuts across the CFL

TORONTO — is tracking all of the roster moves as teams are required to reduce their rosters ahead of opening week. Friday night’s 10 p.m. ET roster deadline officially marks the transition from training camp to regular season prep. Stay linked throughout the day Friday and into the weekend for updates as team rosters get fine-tuned.

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Well there it is the Elks started things off early.

Wow I had no idea that COVID practice rosters are so large, but it does make sense.

I suspect a grand amount of shuffling up across the board 3 weeks into the season after a slate of early injuries including some probably associated with an irregular off-season.

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i doubt players like shawn lemon and naaman roosevelt will get signed until the injuries start to pile up. idk why i just get that feeling

As more names fill in with 3 hours left, I have a few questions.

Disabled? - Of course I understand what this means, but when a team puts a player on this status, what exactly happens? Is the player paid as he heals? Does his time disabled count against his time on contract?

Special Practice Roster Rule - To me, these terms read like a season-long loan of a player to another team at the other team's elected option so long as the practice roster player is active. I don't get why the original team retains rights after this season. It would seem to me better if you snooze as the original team, you lose. What am I missing here?

  • The original team has the option of recalling the player if he’s no longer on a team’s active roster; the original team also holds the player’s rights beyond this season.

The way I understand the CFL Practise Roster rules is that there is an attempt to help the teams who might need another signing for a position (ie receiver) due to losing a Roster player to injury in the first part of the season. (say game 3) Otherwise If they wanted to sign an American (which they are allowed to do under normal schedule) that player would have to isolate for 14 days. Missing at least 2 games out of 14 scheduled. (not counting the days to cross over the border)This CFL PR list is only good until the borders from both USA & Canada are officially opened and Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. Then at that time I guess these players become Free Agents and would have to sign with someone as a normal FA as a Roster player ot normal Practise Roster player. These players on the CFL PR during this expected short term are still property of the Team who put them on the CFL PR for next season since they were not officially released by the team. If the period expires (Covid restrictions relaxed or removed) the Team retains or releases those still on this special list in which case they are free to sign elsewhere.

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First, this rule does not apply to the regular practice roster, only the special extra 5 man CFL practice roster, or more accurately we could call it the covid roster. This extra roster is really just to make sure that if a team ends up needing an import (due to injuries etc) they have one in town who doesn't have to clear quarantine. Remember, you can't airlift a guy in from Mississippi this year because of quarantine. This could cause major problems, so they made this extra 5 man list to get around that. They kinda had to.

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Quarantine is lifted for vaxxed Americans beginning August 9th

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