While there are still close to 3 months before the 2019 CFL season begins,I nevertheless “try” to anticipate what the 46 player active roster could look like once the season begins. Presently, the only position that I hope will improve by the signing of a top pass rusher, is DE.

*International player.

QB: Starter: *A. Pipkin. Depth: *V.Adams Jr. and *M.Shiltz.

OL: Starters: C. K.Matte, G. Trey Rutherford, G. S.Wilson, T. T.Johnstone and T. *T.Washington. Depth: Z.Annen. L.Brodeur-Jourdain and S.Jamieson. 8 players. I Int. and 7 Nat.

RB/FB: Starters: *W. Stanback and T. Stone. Depth: Int. *J. Johnson and 1 of S.Moore and C. Normand. 4 players. 2 Int. and 2 Nat.

WR: Starters: B.J. Cunningham, E. Jackson or * Rookie,*E. Lewis and *D.Posey. Depth: F. Faubert-Lussier,*TJ Graham or *Rookie and 1 amongst S.Adekolu,M. Carter, E. Moisan and A.Morrison. 7 players. 5 Int. and 2 Nat.

DL: Starters: DE. *J. Bowman, DE. Rookie, DT. W. Barron,DT. * Chris Brown. Depth: B. Bonner, F. Foote, J.Westerman and 1 *Rookie. 8 players. 5 Int. and 3 Nat.

LB: Starters: * B.Dozier, Bo Lokombo and H.Muamba. Depth: B.Calver, J.G. Poulin and 1 of * G.Love, *J. Robinson and *Rookie. 6 players. 2 Int. and 4 Nat.

DB: Starters: CB. * T. Campbell, CB.* P. Levels, DB. *G.Reid or *Rookie, DB. *Rookie and S. T. Loffler. Depth: P.Kozachuk, D. Wright and 1 * Rookie. 8 players. 5 Int. and 3 Nat.

Specialist: LS M.Bédard and P/K *B.Bede.

Total 46 players. 24 Int. and 22 Nat. RB/KR *S. Logan is out. * J. Johnson and/or T. Stone could be kick returners. A punt returner could be found amongst rookie WR or DB.


Richard my friend I have to give you credit for your single mindedness. While were all going nuts youre focused on the season.

The defensive backfield seems somewhat unsettled, and does Dozier have the coverage speed to play SAM LB?

And I think you meant Ryan Brown at DT.

Thanks Sheldon. Yes, Ryan Brown.


I add KR/PR to that list as needs improvement.

I think Richard agrees … he says “S. Logan is out” and the replacement would be either Stone or someone from the incoming recruits … not certain it is worth looking to sign someone likeMartese Jackson (likely best remains FA returner) at this stage of the teams’ development.

Is Tevaugn Campbell back from his futures contract wit NFL Jets?

No, and he will be a free agent anyway, so it would not mean he would return to Montreal.

Thats my bad. You are referring to Tommy Campbell

What is wrong with you?

Jabar Westerman and Najee Murray have been released.

Yes, Sheldon, Jabar Westerman won’t be on the roster.


Not sure why Jesse Joseph hasn`t been re-signed. He was pretty decent last season and is a local guy.

I do agree with you regarding Jesse Joseph,Sheldon. Only positive is that he has not signed elsewhere.


CFL rosters will have to be trimmed down to 75 at the end of the month. Currently, there are 90 names listed on their website. But without a Mini-Camp, how will the team know who to release?

I seem to recall talk of having exemptions for new-to-CFL players when Rookie Camp begins 3 days before Training Camp. Maybe teams will “release” these potential rookies but have them appear anyway at Rookie Camp?

Argos are the first team to trim their rosters as they released 13 today including Noah Picton.

Nice why did they even bother signing Picton .

What did he do wrong at this point ?

Didn’t expect him to make it small in size but let see him compete first .

Maybe the Riders will invite him in for some snaps .

The Als could possibly have brought some of these rookies in to evaluate at their free agent tryouts. Similar to Sask. and Tor. working out Jon Ryan.

Then there was this cryptic comment from Rod Pedersen in his column yesterday. Not sure how to interpret it.

And as far as confusion goes, teams are back holding minicamps just like they’ve done since 2013 because apparently that’s part of the new CBA. But there’s no CBA! Chaos.

actually I think the old CBA is in play until the day before TC starts.

Stamps somehow evaluated and then released 24 players today.

In Noah Picton’s case, he did partipate with other hopefuls at the Argo tryout this past weekend at IMG Academy. His performance evidently was not impressive enough to warrant a training camp invite.

Latest Rider signing at QB would be Isaac Harker.