We Have 53 guys on the roster do we not need to be down to 43? Help Plz

Because the roster is actually 46 + 7 practice roster players.

Only because the person responsible of updating the roster has done a lousy job.

Presently at 52; should be at 46. Practice roster have to be shown separately of the 46 player active roster.

If you look at CFL transactions-June 21-you will notice that Bekasiak and Barker have been transferred to injury list yet, they are on the Active roster.

Only the Als have their actual roster-ontheir site- following yesterday's cuts. You see the active roster, the injured roster and,as of today, the practice roster.

Maybe the Cats will have the facts by tomorrow; if a reflection of the coming season it will be long/painful. They will finish 4th.


Impact on performance by a webmaster.

That’s cute

Geez, lighten up of 6 p.m., none of BC, Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatchewan had their pracice or injured lists up on their sites either...they ONLY need to be communicated to the league...

So, I guess we are at least gonna finish tied with or ahead of them since their webmasters are no better than our webmaster...maybe that means we can make the crossover playoff spot at least, eh?

I think it would because the coaching staff still has some roster decisions to work out from active to injured to pr.

^^^ Agreed. The offer of a PR spot has to be accepted by the player. If the player will not accept it, then he's gone, and another can fill his place.