Roster vs Esks

New tackle at LT. Xavier will maybe sit the whole game. New guy is Lee.

Receivers - Eron is back off 9 game. Alec Anthony is on roster. He's a returner as well.

Best - Who is this Chris Best guy...........well I sure hope they regain form as an O-line unit. This group is the biggest dissapointment in my opinion for the season. Unfortunately Xavier won;t play much (maybe) and it would have been nice to have the starting 5 work together. But Best and Heenan can get back together on the right side.

Garret - gets another shot at RB.

DB - with Maze off I was hoping to see a new guy..............Prince Miller??????? Verdict remains out on Miller, my opinion.

New players to watch. I'll make it to the game and I hope to see lots of new guys play.

Check out our PR. Alot of guys off 9 game this week and back onto roster. Our 1 game IR is a little bigger. Lots of PR guys now on active roster. We have space to put guys in case they aren;t on roster. Plus the GM has some room to add some players.

The roster game is important...........

Great news about Best being back. I don't think it was coincidence that when he went out the O line was out of sync. Here's hoping that will change, although one game isn't much time to pull it all together. I guess we will see how much of a difference he makes in both pass protection and run blocking.

Best playing is very big. His loss was huge.

From Miller, I was not a all....early on, but he has definitely grown on me. He has rotated in and done well. He has speed to burn, and while he made a lot of mistakes early, I don't really see him repeating them. I really wanted to see him gone at the start of the season, now I like him for the most part.

Fulton could definitely use a day off. Best and Heenan on the right side back into early season form would be great. Both Labtte and Picard have their Back ups dressing each game this season so getting some PT and giving the starters a rest at some point of the game.
Also will be intersting to see what Riley can do. with 4 Canadian Oline possible if Getz cant go the possibility of playing 4 import receivers is there.
Love McHenry but as an FB/Hback he is much more effective than at WR or slot.

Looks like the players on the 9 game are not part of the playoff picture

Best back in at RG has really made the difference in the run game. Good news for Sheets and the Riders going into the semis

Yep! :thup: :thup: :thup:

in fairness, the Riders were playing the worst run D in the league...the worst by lots. They did look good though.

I know the game didn't matter in the standings...but FFS Chamblin...on the 1? Oh...and the irony...first punt return of the season that goes more than 20 yards on the Riders lol.

I was pretty impressed with Alex Anthony in preseason, and was glad to see him play today. I think he has a bright future if he gets a chance...cya Sisco...and if there was ever any doubt...Rob Bagg goes unprotected in expansion draft.

Anderson has really been hitting his stride. The last few games, he has been playing his best ball of the year by far. question...was he in our out on the PR? We knew it was definitely close