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  1. Who do you see as the main candidates for our Defensice END pass RUSH ? should keep an eye on Marshall, Scott, Lewis,Obiora

  2. How do you think they wIill utilize Shomari Williams ( DE) and Bulcke ( DT ) on the Dline ? Rotation ? One on import ? two ? I ;d like to see Torri Davis or Terrence Moorer at one DT SPOT if not both .

  3. Who looks to be the leding candidate at MLB ? Lawrence ? then Bowman ?
    Anyone think Austin will keep JAMAL AND MARKIETH around ?

  4. Who looks to be the leading candudates to take on the Chirs Williams role as kick returner and big play receiver ? Lyle Leong ? Varner ? Hodge?

5 Which Qb might make # 2 spot ? brohm ?

  1. What are we doing at running back withour Mallet and Coburne ? ..Chevon Walker ? Gable ? both ?

7 Will Giguerre still start or will we go with an import there and two import RB's at times since Hinds and Shomari Williams / Bulcke add more non import starters

9 I am guessing Dile and Simmons will have some tight comepetion form Figuerro and Gonzaless on the oline ?

10 It seems a few db's will push for job ( Holmes ( syracuse ) , Lynn ( Penn State ) , Parks (Florida State )
i hope we keep Colclough ,,really liked what i saw ..Webb , Hinds, Patrrick, Mcculough HAVE INSIDE TRACK ON starting positions to compete with the 3 guys i mentioned .

i think dominique harris has a shot @ MLB
as for our DE im thinkin unless a newbie can come in and shine Peach and Boudreaux will get the job.. 11 sacks combined last year..

On our O line im thinkin either simmons or dile will be released. Figeuroa looks really good and i feel Landon Rice can make an impact aswell.. Rice had a solid college career @ Manitoba won a Vanier also :cowboy:

The team needs to see a couple of more RB in camp, seems light in that position going onto camp. :wink:

Hi Catfsh ,

Yes , really only 2 import backs. I expect a few more to come in .

Wow I didn't realize they only have 2 imports on the roster right now...
I really hope they have a few guys coming in today because I'm not sold on Walker.

Yeah they must be pretty high on Grable as he is the only other Import back in camp other than Chevon Walker :slight_smile:

I hope they have their eye on soemone else like maybe Corey Boyd ? Fred Reid ? Wes Cates ?
Somehow I doubt it as all indications they are in serious copst savings mode with all these vets getting released :

( Beasley, Tisdale , Bo Smith, Peguesee, Mclveen, Rey Williams , Mallet , Avon Coburne ) ..I would not be suprised to see Knowlton and / or Jamal Johnson goen as well as it seems to fit the cost savings )

It seems that Austin swings his axe pretty swiftly. With all the releases and signing over the last few weeks I have actually found it difficult to keep up with all the new names and faces on the roster. I think when the dust settles after training camp we will be looking at a vastly different team than last year's. There will definitely be a roster learning adjustment period for us fans in the first few games. Hopefully, Austin and his support team are putting all the right puzzle pieces in place for at least a competitive team.

There we go they just announced two new running backs

[url=] ... -kicks-off[/url]

Ha Ha …yes I saw that …So our RB position has some more depth now .

Seems whenever we sign players they get released before putting on a unifrom …once again Hodge retires and Monte Lewis got released . i don’t understand the logic …of signing a guy 3 weeks ago and nto seeing him play yet only to release him …what are they slow on checking referenmces :slight_smile:

The old Ticats regime of OBIE etc …signed guys and looked at them …here they sign free agents and dump them in 2 to 3 weeks without seeingt hem play without replacing them with mucj

I get this impression that Ausitn and Co are bringing in the best of what is available from the teams they played agauinst at Cornell and OLE MISS …Maybe Kent told the owner he I can bring up a bunch of guys on the cheap that are as good or better than whAt we have here …

The latest Qb they brought in played for Cornell and some of these other guys playe din teh BIG EAST against Cornell .
i am not complaining just saying

Personally I think it's more of a holdover type deal.To use current players as an example, I sign Dan LeFevour.I go to another camp and I see this guy named Ricky Ray.Without even seeing them compete against each other, I have an idea who the better player/fit is and now we're going to have a better competition with Ray vs. Burris rather than LeFevour vs. Burris.

That's just my view on Austin's logic, and if so it's not wrong.Why bring an average player to camp just because he was recently signed when you can bring a good-great player to camp?

I know the Big East has gone down in stature but I'm pretty sure they haven't added Cornell to the conference. 8)

Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton and Yale Universities, Dartmouth College, and the University of Pennsylvania -- the eight schools of The Ivy League

This has Tillman's signature all over it.

Whoa, lots of changes and lots of players released. I hope Steinhauer can get these guys on the same page ASAP. Tall order for a relatively inexperienced DC.