Roster Size

According to the latest roster page, there are 68 players listed. How many players are allowed to be on the roster going in to training camp? It looks like there is room for roughly 12 players if the max is 80 players. Can anyone answer this question?

Training camp rosters are 68, but draft picks don't count

Thanks Grover. Is it safe to guess the recent US free agent camps will only be for players considered for the extended roster period after Labour Day? With the roster size already at 68 there is no room unless the Cats run the Chris Jones size roster.........

I thought T.Camp was 75 total not including non counters . Teams can have as many as 85 players maximum on their off season roster up to and including April 30th and then teams have to reduce to a maximum of 75 not including non counters by May 1rst . Non counters as far as I know include 2017 Draft picks and all other draft picks from previous years that have yet to attend a teams T.Camp . I think that also any Cdn player not drafted but signed as a FA who is attending their first T.Camp are also considered and classified as a non counter . Expect to see some roster movement with upcoming Mini's and OTA's with new players being signed and others being released in the next month as the team continues to juggle the roster and numbers before T. Camp opens in June . It does look though like the team has a little wiggle room left right now and still has room to sign at least 7 more players to reach the 75 max by May 1rst .

Our roster as it stands right now is showing 68 players . Broken down it looks like this right now..............................

..,.3..... Quarterbacks
..36..... Americans (Internationals )
..29.....Canadians (Nationals )

"As defined in the CFL By-laws, modified by the Section 14.02 of the CBA, teams are limited to a maximum 85 players under contract during the off-season from the day following the Grey Cup to April 30th. On May 1st, roster sizes are reduced to a maximum 75 standard player contracts. [b]Training camp roster sizes are set at 68 players plus any non-counting players which are defined as current year's draft picks, previous year draft picks which have never attended a professional training camp, any junior player not under contract, a National QB attending camp at the QB position and two additional undrafted National players meeting one of the following conditions:

  1. A player who was eligible for the current or previous years' draft, or
  2. A junior player whose junior eligibility has terminated the previous CJFL season."[/b]

The roster is right where it should be - number-wise.

I do believe training camp rosters are "not less than 68 players and not more than 75 players under registered Standard Player Contracts excluding ..." ... these exclusions are the non-counters. Current draft picks. Previous year draft picks. CJFL players not under contract. 2 national UDFA's. And the one National QB Development program player. (Read: QB who will be in the CIS this year. They've had seniors as well as freshman in this spot FYI)

You can also have 2 vets who are injured or unfit to play be able to attend camp and not count to your 75. They did that with Collaros last year.

You can have 85 players under contract until April 30th.

Player wise it is far from set though as the roster does not show a single player who is currently listed as a kicker of any kind . The SAM lb position is still also to be determined as although the roster is showing 8 linebackers none of the eight can be considered a capable candidate as a starter at this position . The team does have a glut of DB's on the roster with 18 listed at the present time . Look for the possibility that a few will be converted over to the SAM position and tried out as the team looks for someone that can do the job and play alongside Lawrence and Dean . Hopefully stabilising a position that was in a constant state of flux all last year due to injuries and incompetence . Possible contenders at this time could come from the likes of a Craig Butler , Ethan Davis , Dominique Ellis or even one of two newly signed players Axel Ofori or Keon Lyn .

From what I understand via interviews with Eric Tillman on radio etc. The team has 2 kickers on their neg list that they expect to sign and bring into camp. Competition between them. Which means if their neg listers, we've never seen the here north of the border before. ET also referred to an healthy competition from OTA's through camp. So I see it as a very open & competitive try out.

As far as SAM LB ...

I'd really like to see them move Butler down from Safety into the box at Sam with Shortill backing him up. Means starting Daly @ Safety but I think this gives so much flexibility. Allows to move Courtney out to Corner. So much good CDN Talent that you can mix and interchange with there.

What was the purpose of the five US free agent camps? No one has been signed prior to the April Spring TC and TC? Other teams appear to be loading up.

We had a few DBs that weren’t fit to play last year but still did. Due to their skill level, not injury. :stuck_out_tongue:

In 7 days, following this post, a dozen signings have been announced -- all INTs, 6 DL, 4 DBs, a RB and a WR. Chances are some of them attended one of those tryouts.

Ottawacat. The two recent signings that look very intriguing are , Hill and McAdoo. I hope to attend one day of the mini camp next week. I hope the two players mentioned are suited up.