Roster Ratio Reforms

our population is growing and the number of teams is not. Therefore it should be easier to fill present national quota today and 40 yrs ago.

FYB , point taken,
by going this rout with nationalised internationals, would it then be possible to put an expansion franchise into a city sooner ?
are their enough skilled national players to support 10 teams ?

I'd say if an International player becomes a Canadian he has earned the right to be included as a National.

Our best young National players are now getting offers from the NFL, every draft in recent years is affected by teams not wanting to draft our best Canadians because they will get drafted or tryouts from NFL teams.
It is certainly a testament to our Highschool and CIS programs improving in this Country even though
the CFL does not contribute one red cent towards the CIS Programs that are the main feeder system to their League.

If QB is the most important position, then IMHO the O Line unit is the 2nd most.

Well the Vanier Cup is held at times in CFL stadiums like THF in Hamilton and that is a plus for the CIS if for nothing else than some added prestige to the Canadian university game. And what exactly does the NFL contribute to American college football programs?

All the players you list are exempt from the ratio as is. This is off season silliness. This league should go back to 12 Canadian starters. Even Chris Jones admits the calibre of Canadians can't even compare to what it is to be fifteen years ago, yet the ratio is still the same.

well if chris jones said it, it must be true

Only because, as I said, they are the ones that came to my mind. And because QBs seem to have longer careers in the CFL that other positions, and switch teams more often for some reason. I could have used players like AB3 and Darian Flutie just as easily. And as I stated earlier, I'd like to see that exemption eliminated.

My support for the ratio, and my push for changes that would bring in more Canadian QBs, is year round. This time it's off-season. Next time? Depends on when it's brought up, I suppose.

Not sure that the Canadian talent available to the CFL isn't as good as it once. But if it isn't, perhaps, as others have stated, that is due to increased notice by the NFL, resulting from the increase in overall Canadian talent, with a larger portion of the cream being skimmed off before the CFL gets their pick.

Talent lebel is the best it ever was. There is no point in reducing opportunities to Canadians. What's changed its wages between the two leagues. 40 years ago there was no point for Canadians to go play in the NFL.

40 to 50 years ago, when salaries were on par, you are correct. 15 years ago, which Chris Jones mentioned? Salaries were already very different. So what could be the cause of the alleged drop in Canadian talent available to the CFL, given that the Canadian talent at the college level is higher now? The brawn drain to the NFL seems to be the obvious answer.

How many Canadians play in the NFL--20? 15? I don't think there's that much of a drain, especially with more Canadians than ever getting NCAA training combined with more Canadians getting CIS training with the increase in the number of CIS football programs over the past 20 years or so.

The NFL is very much aware of our young Canadian football players

This is from Kirk Penton, written the weekend before the Tuesday CFL Draft last year
The NFL draft is held the week before the CFL's

[i]CFL draft boards could look vastly different come Monday morning.

Or they could look relatively the same.

It all depends on how nearly two dozen young Canadians perform over the weekend at NFL rookie camps across the U.S.

The CFL draft goes Tuesday night, but before that many of its top prospects will be trying to prove they have what it takes to play in the NFL. And if those players get invited to NFL training camps, CFL teams will be wary to pick them high Tuesday night.

The top 15 players on the CFL Scouting Bureau’s list released last month are all taking part in NFL rookie camps this weekend[/i]

[i]The CFL’s top prospect, Rice defensive tackle Christian Covington, was drafted by the Houston Texans last weekend, while No. 2 Brett Boyko, an offensive lineman with the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels, signed a free-agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

No. 3 on the prospects list, UConn offensive lineman Alex Mateas, got invited to the New York Jets mini-camp that will take place this weekend as well, while Yale running back Tyler Varga, at No. 4, got an undrafted free-agent deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

After that, between No. 5 and No. 15, it’s all Giants hopefuls, with the lone exception being Manitoba Bisons receiver Nic Demski, the CFL’s ninth-ranked prospect who is attending the Cleveland Browns mini-camp this weekend.

Other Canadians who got mini-camp invitations were South Alabama quarterback Brandon Bridge (Dallas), St. Francis-Xavier linebacker Ron Omara (Giants) and Idaho defensive end Maxx Forde (Chicago).

Once the mini-camps wrap up Sunday, CFL teams will then have to quickly figure out which players impressed and which ones are destined to return north to begin their pro careers. Never have so many Canadians attended NFL rookie camps, so it could have a significant impact Tuesday.

Two other prospects, Western defensive lineman Daryl Waud and Regina Rams cornerback Tevaughn Campbell, are attending Giants mini-camp this weekend but will also get a shot with the Washington Redskins next weekend. That could cause some teams to pause before taking them[/i]

[url=] ... -nfl-camps[/url]

The problem with that is that is will cost Canadians players thier jobs

There is NO drop in talent, that whole concept is a lie. Jones says the talent is leaps and bounds better than it was just 15 years ago.

not only is the talent level of the National players coming out of the CIS and Junior programs getting better but the talent level of the International players coming out of the NCAA programs are also getting better ,

True, but there's been a bigger jump with Canadians because there was much more room for improvement.

I don't believe the CFL has any requirement regarding National starters. Teams are currently restricted to 16 International players, which leaves 7 starting positions for Canadians (plus QB's) by default.

I'd suggest these ratio changes, allowing Canadian QB's to count in the quota. This could be accomplished by increasing Imports to 17 (with 1 likely being the starting QB) along with 4 Designated-Imports and 21 Nationals. This totals a 42-man active roster with 7 starting positions reserved for Canadians. For example, if a team started a National QB, that would allow an additional import starter in another position.

The number of American starters should never exceed the current 17 of 24 positions, to remain a credible national league...or perhaps the CFL should follow the successful Japanese baseball league which allows only 3 foreign starters? :o

I'd like to see the CFL increase Canadian starters at a rate of one every two years until they reach 12.

I had this same argument on the World Junior hockey thread. Most countries have a system in place to protect home growns. It makes sense nationally and economically.
I don't think it's a coincidence that years ago Nationals were featured prominently in the game because there were more Canadian HCs and GMS. Isn't our commish an American ? Growing up in NY he surely knows all about this league(sarcasm). Too many American HCs is one big problem IMO.
Another point is many Canadian players don't even bother with the CFL because they already know they will be relegated to ST(if they're lucky) and dumped in a year or two when another cheaper Canadian comes along. This goes on every year and we throw away good talent for Americans. I often wonder how many really good Canadian players were discarded over the years based solely on their birthplace and the fact their bosses were born in a different country.

I agree with the increase in National starters, that is why I mentioned Nationalised International players that have played on one team for a predetermined time like 5 or 6 years.