Roster Questions

What about our running game ? I have not been impressed with Keith at all . i assume Lumsden is gone so maybe it is Caulley's year ? Did i hear Piercy is retireing ?

Shall I assume Dylan Barker will be healthy and ready to take a run at the starting safety spot ?

How about our Dline ? Is ADAMS the only guy worthy of coming back ? Will they give mckay -lauscher and kashama andother shot since they are canadian and due to injuries ?

I assume most of the defenive backs will be back and I wonder if Gordon could get pushsed by zemaitis

Let's hope they don't give Mariuz any more chances to start and that the rumor of Otis Floyd coming is true

I hope Gagne-Marcoux is ready to come back to the Oline . I assume we will bring in some new american OT's

I assume we are going to bring presche and Mitchell back at reciever but i think MILES migt be gone .

I thought that with 65 def tackles Mariuz had a pretty good year. I know he is taken out in passing situations but I thought he showed some good things this year. This was his first year as a starter and I think he will continue to improve and help with the ratio. Working with him to improve allows for an import elsewhere (d-line?).

I do think that Obie will try to tighten up the defense going with 3 import LB's.
Ray had his ups and downs last season and is better suited backing-up at LB and being a stud on special teams.

I feel the Cats will go with a non-Import at safety or add an extra NI to the starting receiving crew.

I must say I agree with all of your summations and conclusions, gerbear9. I would also hope that they dump Printers and get some actual value for the money they're spending on his non-productivity.