Roster Predictions & Who's Next To Go?

Bulcke is not part of this team's core (I hope). He's been eaten up by offensive linemen in every game, and is one of the reasons we're so bad against the run. Michael Atkinson should replace him as soon as he's healthy and off the IR.

Same thing goes for Shomari Williams. Nadon will be much better as soon he's healthy.

Given that the likely plan is to have Johnson at WIL, Murray (or maybe Isaac) at SAM and Bowman at MLB, I could see moving Johnson to WIL now (or soon) and having Lawrence or Bussey as the MLB in the meantime.

Think you're spot on with that. I get the feeling Walker hasn't endeared himself to Austin. Not performing. Gets knicked up too easily. I think as far as Mallet goes, he was just to far away from being 100% healthy and perhaps never will fully recover. Achilles tendons are tough.

I'm not convinced that he's that bad a blocker. I posted a summary of his blocking assignments and results from the Winnipeg game in another thread. Basically, out of nine plays with a blocking assignment:

  • two plays with no one to block;
  • five successful pickups and blocks;
  • one double team missed where Delahunt set up too far inside, drawing Walker in, allowing Hall the outside route;
  • one successful pickup, but missed late blitzing linebacker.

He has his head on a swivel the whole time, watching for defenders breaking through. And if no one is breaking through, he releases, finding an open space quickly, although Burris seems to have trouble finding him this year, possibly due to his injury and Gable being slotted as primary limiting his number of reps.

My only problem with him is his inability to force his way through the pile, although part of that is the inability of the line to open up any holes.

I have watch all the games this season ( including preseason) . Based on what I have seen this is the best
options for a line up right now. ( not including injured players I have not seen )
IMHO BUlke and Figueroa are the best two off season acquisitions

Austin has strengthened secondary and middle of D-line. linebackers and Defensive end are still an issue

Offence ( when healthy ) is solid except at running back .

QB Burris ( LeFevour is possibly a good back up )

Rb Walker ( may need upgrade ) dangerous speed but can’t run inside

Fb Delahunt ( good potential )

OL Figueroa Wojt Hage Dyakowski Simmons ( Simmons is OK but may need upgrade )

WR Gant B.Grant ( Giguere needs time to develop )

SB Fantus JOnes ( can’t wait for Stala to come back ) ( not an Ellingson fan but with time could improve )

DE Norwood ( I don’t like any of the other players I’ve seen @ DE including Peach & Bourdreau )

DT Bulke Moore ( I am hopeful that Davis will come back soon)

LB Johnson Harris ( Maybe Lawrence ) need new blood here

Corner Breaux Brown

DB McCullough Hobbs

Safety Stephen ( young but has potential )

Kr Lamar needs to improve but has speed and potential

P Bartel ( Good job this year )

K Conji
We are weak @ DE , RB and LB
Would like to see Harris @ middle safety

When Peach comes back He will be given one game to perform. IF, as in the Toronto game, he doesn't
even get of the line of scrimmage he will be gone . The guy took 10 games to get going last year and
he won't have that luxury this time.

I have to agree about Greg Peach being on the bubble. As "Old Fan" siad once, when is a peach not peach. I am surprised they kept Peach ove Brandon Puguese (spelling) In my opinion, Peach has been a huge bust since they signed him. Let's hope Tillman is sniffing south of the border looking for another Joe Monford type.