Roster Predictions & Who's Next To Go?

I realize winning/losing will play a factor moving forward as will injuries and fielding a competitive roster ...

That being said ... Who do you think is next as far as being cut/released? How do you see the roster shaping up?

Here are my predictions ... obviously there are some scenarios that need to play out that we're not privy to ...

Bowman comes off the 9 game before labour day which means another player can't. Stala stays on the 9 game until labour day. They'll put him back on the 9 game after labour day so that his salary doesn't hit the cap. Dave won't play 2013 and will be released in the off-season. No need to release him now since he's not hitting the SMS and Bob has told Kent that he'll pick up Dave's pay cheque for community relation purposes and we'll figure out a retirement thing in the off season.

Right now, the linebackers will be Simoni Lawrence @ WILL, JJ @ MIKE, Erik Harris @ SAM. When Bowman comes back, he'll move to the MIKE position. They'll play JJ & Simoni @ WILL. They may even play both at the same time in a 3-4 type of scheme. If they sign Brandon Isaac, that puts him @ SAM and moves Harris back to safety.

Ryan Hinds has gone from starter to backup to healthy scratch from the active to practice roster. Next stop ...

Peach will stay on the 1 game IR all season ... released off season ... if not sooner.

Giguere decides that this professional football thing isnt his thing. He goes to bobsledding full time after lengthy conversations with Jesse Lumsden who has told him that there is life after the CFL.

Dee Webb spends the rest of the year in the 1 game IR & gets released in the off season.

And finally we get down to Henry. I really think Kent will leave him unprotected in the Ottawa REDBLACKS dispersal draft. What happens with that is anyone's guess.

The core of this team going forward are NI guys like Bulcke & Hazime & Plesius & Stephen. Dyakowski is locked up. Hage stays one more year. Wojt is part of the core Canadian group. Obviously Fantuz is there too. The other NI receiver spots are up for grabs. Guys like SCC & MacKay & Diston & ever Giguere have this season to prove they can stick, otherwise they're drafting someone from the CIS.

The import receivers and running backs and kick returners will be a revolving door until they uncover a gem/keeper.

This is a young team and it'll only get younger. Coach Austin, with his college background, is used to dealing with young players who you hold their lives in his hand, (Scholarship - Contract) sprinkled in with a few proven vets.

Let's face it, Bob & Scott have told Kent that this season is a write off ... Use it as an 18 game evaluation ... Get the team ready for 2014 when we open for business back on Beechwood!

Only 1 game out of first place and 14 games to.

All you gotta do is make the playoffs and get hot your last few games.

Valid point and very true. But I think it's more of a scenario of "rebuild & reset for 2014 & if things work out for 2013 ... even better!"

Also keep in mind that they can beat any team in the east. There is no clear cut favourite to win the east ( yet).

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me to see a first place finish. The east is up for grabs. The learning curve is steep

They should move JJ back to WILL and give Plesius a shot a playing MIKE. I agree that Harris is the guy to play SAM, unless they sign Isaac.

I think Giguère will turn out to be a great CFL receiver.

Can't see it (yet) I hope you're right, but for my money right now, I'd take the other Sherbrooke kid, Charbonneau-Campeau, over Giguere.

Plesius beefed up for NFL camps. He doesn't have the speed or agility or pro experience to play MLB at this point. I have no idea what his natural weight is, but I see him more as a DE in the CFL than a LB. Give him one or two tasks, rush the QB & contain the read-run option, crash the zero gap run play. That's all for now. He can't step in to play MLB without anytime in training camp and having not played at the pro level.

My prediction is that Bowman eventually moves in at MLB .One reason I think this is because I askd him directly on fan day 'where he wil fit ' ..he said without hesitation "mlb' . It sounded factual and a plan .

The SAM now will be Isaac and Harris as the 2knd choice . Harris will now play safety .

I am geeting the feeling that Plesius may get a shot at one END position and that woudl allow Davis and Moore to play DT and Norwodd as the other DE

When Fantuz is back healthy then we might see Giguere lose his starting spot to an import .
We might see Bulcke and plesius bioth starting tio account for this

I don't agree this season is a write off .
It is an extended training camp tha they hope gets in gear asap

I'm with you there CK. Although I hope Giguere works out, SCC is the TiCats NI Receiver of the future.

Yes, SCC definitely has lots of potential. If Fantuz can't play on Saturday, let's hope SCC gets the start.

Think you're pretty spot on with your assessments Gerbear9.

My add-ins are that Plesius/S.Williams can platoon at DE. Bulcke & Hazime platoon at DT. All four can play specials. Also gives a roadmap for Urban, Gascon-Nadon & Atkinson & Gaydosh should and when they become available. (None of which will be this year BTW.) Cats are looking to use 2 NI's on the DLine.

Giguere won't lose his starting spot to an import anytime soon. The NI starting depth or even backups aren't there yet. Close. But not quite there yet. As soon as Volcey is healthy, look for him to dress, The Cats desperately need to stretch the field to open up zones underneath for Ellingson & Fantuz.

They'll start working Plesius in on DL a bit here and there. They can do that since they have to dress him for specials anyways.

Gable starts Saturday in place of Walker is my bold prediction this week. Lamar is on the clock. If he doesn't produce up at Alumni Saturday, he sits next week.

The kid had a steep learning curve. Made mistakes. The offsides are inexcusable. The down-field block penalty is okay in my mind ... he should be more careful but at least he was trying to help out a teammate.

I'm pretty sure Austin got up in his grill and and he's learnt his lesson and is the better for it.

I think he'll do well Saturday.

Thanks for your thoughts, FenderGuy69. Plesius doesn't have the pro experience, but how do you know he doesn't have the speed or agility? I've seen him play and I think he does.

I should've been more specific. I think he has excellent vertical speed. And he carries a load that will surprise some people. I think he even has the corner turn speed for a rush from the edge. I just think it's a lot to ask of him to read & react from the MLB position & then pursue laterally at this point in his career. Especially since he hasn't played MLB his entire college career. Laval used him as a hammer, a play maker, which I think is what he can be. But it's a lot to ask of him to be disciplined and commanding as a MLB at the pro level versus being a tremendous athlete at the college level. He was a man amoungst boys in CIS. It's a league of men in the CFL.


i don't think Shomari can play DE at all Yeah we need soem speed at reciever no doubt and i am thinking Gant is the guy for now

Have you heard that Gable will be ready to go this week ? If so yeah he'd play over WALKER as walker has been terrible and has not been able to block either.

I think Rico Murray may play SAM again this week even if we get Isaac or not .

So this game will eb muray at SAM , Johnson at mlb and likely Lawrence at WIL

I will assume that Mccollough can go this week otherwise they might not haev released patrick and parks .

So Brown and Mccolough at weak side and Stephen and Hobbs at strong side and Harris at safety .

We need a hitter at safety and Harris fits that more then Stefan.

We also need a safety that can move up and prevent the long run that Stewart and kackert and henry got against us .

Plesius played MLB during his final season at Laval, but I see your point. Thanks.

another gut feel is that they go with Diedrick at FB instead of Delahunt to see what he can do
and Peach or Scott come in for Marshall and Davis for Moore.

let's hope that most of Gant, Jones, Fantuz, Mccolough , Brraux, Davis , Figueroa, Gable , Peach , Lawrence and Harris are lal good to go this week

Shomari can rotate at DE. He's not your star or starter but he can rotate. TiCats will dress 6 Dlinemen. 3 imports & 3 non-imports.

LB's will be Murray @ SAM, JJ @ MIKE & Lawrence @ WILL

Harris should be back to play @ safety.

McCullough back at short side DB.

Hopefully Breaux back at boundary CB.

Stephen plays in the secondary somewhere because of ratio.

2 starting NI's on D. 5 on O.

Don't think Gable was actually hurt. Walker was finally ready & Austin gave him a chance. He didn't do it. Gable goes back in. Walker will be cut soon.

Definitely agree with your thoughts on Diedrick. Hopefully he's picked up the playbook and can contribute outside of specials. (Remind me to tell the story of him & Jesse Lumsden going head to head at the MetroBowl)

I'm thinking Boudreaux comes out of Austin's doghouse this week and gets Marshall's spot at DE. Moore is fine. Davis is no better than he is.

My pick is Chevon Walker that guy is really bad. He was ok last year on a few runs but once defense's figured it out he became bad pretty quickly. I don't see much upside he can't block and only runs east and west. Still don't see why Mallet was let go before camp. There was no reason to see what he could do after his injury. He couldn't be any worse then what we have.