roster moves

Hfx… Anderson does just fine back there given the status of the KR/PR team. He is the only one so far in my mind that can make something out of nothing in that position.

I still like Trent Guy when he's healthy. He's got that explosive first-cut ability that I haven't really seen from any of our other current returners.

yes you’re right. When’s he back, Anderson can back him up for the KR/PR.

Yeah and he’s versatile. Perfect CFL’er and it looks like his teammates really like him so does the coaching staff.

Getting a nice Thomas Haskins vibe from Victor Anderson. And I absolutely love the two-back set in the red zone -- it really threw BC off faking to Whitaker then handing to Anderson going the other way. I don't support two-back sets as a general rule, because it's usually better to have a receiver instead of the extra RB, but as a change of pace, it's great, particularly on a night when we were missing some key receivers and needed to lean on our running backs more than usual.

Yes, BC were ready for Whitaker and, Anderson showed power which getting the TD.

good comparison between Haskins and Anderson.

And he’s not a big guy. Really good balance on that touchdown too. He might be able to moonlight for Cirque :lol:

Based on CFL transactions of September 6,2012, the Argos have released import WR/KR Chandler Williams. I am surprised and hope that the Als will bring him for a tryout/on practice roster; I was impressed by this player,whenever he played or returned kicks. We have no depth at this position.


Williams will probably be added to the Argos practice roster.

I`m sure Mr. Popp will bring in a couple of returners when practice rosters expand later this month. Anybody know when?

And I haven`t given up on Trent Guy.

As per CFL transactions of september 22,2012, the Als have signed import rookie WR Lavasier Tuinei to the practice roster; he is 6-4,220 and will be 22 years old this friday. From Oregon U; he was in training camp with Seattle Seahawks.


Of the 6 players signed yesterday to the Als practice roster,safety Winston Venable is the one with the better credentials/assests. The 5.11,220 played at Boise State as a LB and S. From a NFL point of view,his main flaws were size and speed; hence,he was small for a NFL LB and his speed ot 4.69 in 40 was not good enough for a NFl S. Signed in July 2011 as an undrafted free agent by the Bears,he made the team and played 12 games in 2011. He was waived by the Beats may 3,2012.

The main assests of Winston Venable,according to US scouts,are: Good instincts. Tough and physical. Plays bigger than his size.Explosive hitter.Flies around and looks for the killshot.Has a nonstop motor and plays with energy and tempo.Motivated,hardworking,vocal leader. Valuable on special teams.Plays with a mean streak and especially good as a tackler.

I definitely don't understand/wonder why was non-import DE Ivan Brown signed to the practice roster. Do the Als need this player? I doubt. Immanent trade of a non-import DE currently on Als roster?

Most of the 6 players signed will be released in the next weeks or so; some will be invited to the 2013 training camp and 1 or 2 could remain on practice roster till end of 2012 season.


The players who get released will most likely sign with the Arena League or one of the other indoor leagues. The new style Arena league is basically like playig for a college football team only difference is that they have no classes and football is their Major. The are housed together and provided with Meals. The salary is only $450 a week. The Arena League and the other Indoor leagues allow the players to leave their indoor team if they are offered a spot on a CFL training camp roster. This is what both trevor Harris and Tony Washington did with the Argos and their are many more like them. Trevor Harris playing at the NCAA DII level which is similar to the CIS. After the CIS and the CJFL season QBs such as Kyle Quinlan and graves along with VI Raider Jordan Yantz should be doing prior to CFL training camp. Wally Buaono already has a pipeline with the Spokane shock of the Arena League.

I like this guys. Big, successful college player in a well run program, young…

Tuinei is a guy they like a lot. He may spend next seasonon the practice roster continueing to learn the system like brandon London did. perhaps even working his way onto the 46 man eventually taking over for Richardson. If they think that he will be the starter one day they would not use him as a return man or even on special teams but exclusively as a receiver. Thats how the Als groom their receiver replacemens

Kind of lost in the Perrett / Bratton story on the Als website are the following player moves the Als have made. Iwebema is a former Arizona 4th round draft choice.

The team announced the release of non-import safety Blaine Ruttan and import quarterback Jordan Jefferson … The team also announced the signing of three imports, safety Christian Scott, defensive end Kenny Iwebema, and defensive back Eddie Elder.

Ce n'était qu'une question de temps avant que Jefferson ne soit renvoyé.

Ceci ne laisse présentement que Garcia comme prospect improbable au poste de quart-arrière. J'imagine que les Alouette vont en approcher d'autres dans l'entre-saisons.

Par ailleurs, n'est-il pas surprenant que les Alouettes n'aient pas recruté plus de plaqueurs défensifs? C'est un endroit où ils manquent de profondeur et on le voit avec les blessures à Jenkins et Bekasiak.

Parlant de Bekasiak, je serais surpris de le voir de retour avec l'équipe l'an prochain. Il est malheureusement souvent blessé pour de longues périodes de temps et nous avons maintenant d'autres canadiens sur la ligne défensive. Il est le meilleur d'entre-eux, mais il n'est pas souvent en santé.

Jenkins sera de retour bientot, Bekasisak sera de retour l’an prochain, Moton Hopkins sera aussi au camp d’entrainement l’an prochain.

Quinton Porter is playing out his option with the Tiger-Cats and is reported to be leaving after the season.

I know he has had his ups and downs the last couple of seasons, but I would like to see him brought to training camp and see what he can do under Trestman`s tutelage. To me he has shown a little bit more than McPherson and obviously has the precious commodity of CFL experience.

I’d rather see Adrian stay but if we lose him, Porter would be interesting if available. My only problem with Porter is that he’s a part time QB. He’s a stock brocker in the off season. I think a QB who wants to be a starter in pro ball should be working on his craft year round.