roster moves

does anyone know if WR BB will play this friday nite?

No, he's still on the one-game injured list. Herb reported that Bowling will dress again, though in actuality, London will take Bratton's position at short-side WR and Bowling will probably back up (eesh) Deslauriers.

Just seeing Deslauriers' name in print, is enough to make Johnny throw up his cannelloni... :thdn:

Pas surpris une minute.

Mais en! La poutine aussi, il fait vomir! Patrick Lavoie l'à complétement dépassé. Quel bon joueur! OH OUI!!! :thup:

I'm curious to see if any last minute releases happen this week around the CFL.

It's my understanding that after week 9, teams must pay the players their full contract $$$$'s even if they are released in say week twelve. Before week 9 you can release a player and your off the hook for their contract for the remainder of the season. It's a good thing they chopped Aaron Hunt when they did. Sooner rather than later for whatever reason, cause that's an expensive player to have sitting around. Just a thought.

Also, I wonder if Popp has some cash in the back pocket in case an NFL player he has his eye on is cut.

Only vets (at least 5 years in the league) benefit from the release after 9 games thing.

Speaking of roster moves, apparently Sask. has signed our old friend Diamond (in the rough) Ferri.

Ive always liked his aggressiveness (until hed get one of those killer roughing penalties), but always thought a guy like Ramon Guzman would be picked by another team first.

Here we go with vets being used and abused for the nine game stetch. This is something new...Hope they treat him well.

thought both of these players would have found a new team by now.

Its the SMS its killing the career of veterans way before they should retire. I really hate that system. It needs a ton of work. Hopefully next time around.

Yes the Salary Cap is beginning to take its effect on the veterans and that will cause a drop in play in some positions and also a loss of idendifiable players for fans. The CFL hold a lot of Cards in this negotiation as TV ratings have doubled since TSN has taken over meaning that TSN is making more money on the games but the CFL has continued to make the same. The addition of another teams means more games But the share of the pie for each of the nine teams should have signifigant growth enabling to make some changes in the Cap and players will be paid their worth and vetran starters leading teams in tackles one year will not be relaesed if they dont take a paycut.
At the time it was needed buth the effects are begin to hurt the CFL and its players. There will be some adjustment so that ateam can pay a starter QB 450K and still have good money left to pay other top players a reasonable salary for the risk they are taking. who would play for 45K if you can get a safter job at a better salary

There needs to be recognition for years of service and an incentive to keep veterans over rookies at equal level of play. Get ride of the nine game severance and allow a prorated cap freebie for veterans of six years or more. At 10 years in allow $53 000.00 of a vets salary not to count against the cap. You could have up to five designate veterans. They could even use a name like "loyal pilar". So lets say a guys has six years in you could save 27 000.00 on your sms and up to 53 000.00 for a vet that has 10 or more years in the league. By limiting it to five, your not heading the other way where your penalizing younger players either.

The figures and numbers of players could be fiddled with to make the math work but my example at the maximum would provide $530 000 if a team had five vets of 10 or plus years. Quarterbacks and Offensive linesmen maybe should not be allowed as their careers are much longer...

All kinds of intelligent things that could be done if both sides worked together.

Great ideas, Hfx. I'd love to see something like this implemented in the near future. It's crazy that good players still in top physical shape are ending their careers prematurely because of salary issues.

Wow that is some great insight I really like your ideas and I do believe that they will be putting such things in place. At the Time the cap was put in it was needed to stabalize the league. It is definetely time to make adjustments especially in years of service like you stated where it will not force teams to make vets take a pay cut or be cut and still gives rookies a fair shot if they are really better and not just because they are cheaper.
The cap right now as far as i can understand is pretty cut and dry there needs to be those change that you mentioned. It would be in the best interest of the league and will allow the best players to be on the field and isnt that the goal

Can you name me a veteran that was cut and who would have made a major impact on his team,had he stayed with the team.?

Most veterans released were because younger/better players were available. No team released a better veteran because the younger player was making less; they were released because better talent was available or ratio purpose.

There will never be an “exclusion” of part of salarie,against SMS, because a player is a veteran of x seasons. Once the TV deal increases, salaries will increase. In 2 to 3 years from now, I expect that the max. SMS will have increased by as much as $600,000.and no less than $450,000.


Toronto certainly woudl have liked to keep Picard but with Rays salary they had to let im go. Etienne Boulay a NI no less could not find work until week 3. Even though Montreal may have chosen to go with Herbert in the new defensive scheme they could not afford to pay both Herbert and Boulay. Boulay did finally sign with Toronto but most likely for a very unfair pay cut. He may not be starting but it gives teams depth. That teams lose when a vet like these guys need to go is depth. The younger rookie may be better but carrying both would be beneficial and create depth.
Avon Cobourne is the perfect example. league leader in rushing and for two straight seasons the team he is on could not afford him to add depth with a younger talented player.
It is not the fact that the younger player could win a starting job but it keeps teams thin on the bench. The Als themselves may lose McPherson if AC decides to continue. There is certainly a team that will be able to pay him more and gie him a chance or declare him the starter. Joffrey reynolds would be much welcomed on any team most likely even if he were the back up. It just weakens the overall roster. Many of these guys that do stay around are asked to take pay cuts to do so. If there were to be a years of service then teams could have a lot more backfield depth.
Maybe just raising the cap will be just enough, who knows

Ameett Pall,Garrett Wolfe and Bear Woods are coming off the 9 game injury list,before the next game; it will be interesting to see the moves the Als will make; of the three, I expect that Woods has the better chance to be added to the active roster. With regards to 1 game injury list,J.P. Bekasiak,Marc-Olivier Brouillette and Seth Williams could be available to play next saturday; if not, definitely on september 16.

With the imminent return of these players, it is a given that Bo Bowling and Jayson Foster will return to the practice roster; 1 or 2 players on actual active roster could be transferred to 1 game injury list.

Difficult decisions to be made,but the team will improve with some of these additions/decisions.


For me, have no problem with Foster going back on the PR. Showed little when he had the chance on KR/PR.

It doesn't happen in one game. Jesus give the guy four or five games to get his feet under him. He showed good decision making, catches the ball well. Now he knows what it looks like with no fair catch.