Roster Moves

8) DeAndra Cobb and Cory Grant move to active roster for this game.
   Caulley and Tre Smith move to injury list.

   Zac Carlson moved to 9 game injury list  !!!

Right on!........both Cobb (raw talent) and Grant (experience) should do nothing but assist Porter in his quarterbacking.

This should be fun to watch !! :smiley:

how is cobb going to help porter?
he is a rookie rb, if anything that is going to hurt porter...

The interior of the Hamilton O line has a history of being good at creating running lanes. If they can do that tomorrow night in BC that will help Cobb out a lot. He could get some big gainers with his speed if he has the lanes.

Agreed. Also our opponent has no film and little scouting or experiance with regards to Cobb. This could help us.

I don't like the fact that we are only dressing one running back in this game. It sounds like Caulley and Smith will be back soon, but this puts a lot of pressure on a rookie running back, and allows BC to focus on defending the pass.

I hope Cobb does well, but I think we are asking a lot from him. Case in point, look at what happened to the rookie running back in the Edmonton. Two touchdown passes dropped followed by a fumble. A case of the rookie nerves. I don't understand why we didn't pick up an RB that has recently been released, at least until some of our injured players return. Certainly lowers the risk.

If the defense doesn't show up in the first quarter like last week, it won't matter. I'm guessing they are going to dress Grant to help with ratio issues. Looks like there are going to be a lot of Imports playing defense this week.


But the interior of the O line did not do so well at that last week. Hopefully, they'll be able to do that in BC because in the first preseason game, we saw what he can do when he has a lane.

Anyway, here's a link to the depth chart that you can view to see the roster moves.

As expected, Floyd is starting at MLB, and Bolden is taking Kirk's place at DT.

What was not expected was on offence. Rather than Bauman taking Currie's place at WR, we see Stala taking McDaniel's place at SB. I think it was Mightypope who said is we were going to start a non-import receiver, it would be Stala rather than Bauman. And based on what I have seen and heard, this seems to be the right decision to make.

Speaking of NI receivers, it's interesting to see Grant on the active roster. Bauman may need some kind of wake-up call right now, and this could be it.

I'm more interested in why Carlson is on the 9 game injury list. What happened to him?

Stala's a sick receiver. Hopefully he's gotten back ino the game and ready to lead his home team to victory. He knows first hand what a win means to the Hammer. Go 'Hometown boy' Stala and more importantly.... GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

He was hurt in Camp
My Guess is they Tried rehab and did not work
so now on the 9 Game IR ..

Man!! Between him and Kenton Keith....if it wasn't for bad luck, the Cats wouldn't have any luck at all.

I'll be surprised if they dress Grant. Two imports (James and Bradley) and two non-imports (Grant and Matechuk)have to sit out. I think Hudson will dress this week( because of the problems we had on the O-line last game) instead of Matechuk (back-up long snapper and special team player).I don't think the team needs to dress three non-import receivers Stala, Bauman and Grant, so I gotta believe Grant will be the odd man out.

I'd like to see Bauman sit for now until he get's this dropping problem under control.

I'm a Rider fan but I wish Corey all the best with Hamilton. He's a great person who was always willing to interact with the fans.

Although he didn't get the ball thrown his way often it was because of the position/role he played with the team. When it did go his way, he usually caught it.

Hope that he can help your team out.

I think Haley may sit rather than Bradley, since they've got Haley listed third on the depth chart behind Floyd. Probably depends on Bradley's health.
And with Stala starting you need the extra Canadian receiver in the lineup for depth so I think Grant will dress.
So Beswick may sit if Bradley is in the lineup, and if Haley is in the lineup then I'm guessing it would be Carter sitting.

Jykine Bradley will play nickel back in 5 and 6 receiver sets


A friendly competition

July 10, 2009 Steve Milton

The Hamilton Spectator

To put it kindly let's just say many fans [media?]
wonder why Lawrence Gordon is on the team

Marcel sees him as having a single flaw

Jykine Bradley and Lawrence Gordon were the Ticats' starting cornerbacks last year,

and part of the previous season,

Bradley playing the wide side and Gordon lining up
on the much busier short side of the field.

Gordon, who can cover any receiver
in the league step-for-step,

struggled at times: mostly in the end zone
when he'd lose jump balls to taller, star receivers,

largely because he had trouble
tracking the pass at the final minute.

Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille liked everything

about Gordon except his "point of attack" issue,

and didn't want to lose a good player over a single flaw.

So, during the off-season, he decided to move Gordon
to the wide side, where there are fewer jump balls,

the throw is farther and usually less accurate for the quarterback
and Gordon would have more time to react to the ball's arrival.

But that meant going up against the incumbent.

"Ultimately, my goal is to help the team
in whatever area I've been placed at," says Gordon,

who absorbed a great deal of media criticism
last year with remarkable dignity and class.

"Right now, the coaches feel this is the best for me.

I'll work on it every play.

Me and Jykine will still be great friends,
with a spirit of competition."

Obie and Marcel speak further about our three corner backs
Lawrence Gordon, Jykine Bradley and Bo Smith in the article.

If Bradley is indeed over his injury, then Haley sitting would make the most sense since they have several back-up linebackers (Auggie, Mariuz, Carter). The tricky part about dressing back-ups is how much they contribute on special teams. If Corey Grant dresses, maybe one of the newcomers, Darcy Brown or Allard-Cameus, will sit out, depending once again how much they are liked for their special teams work.

Bo Smith is horrible. Having Bradley sit when he is on the field is just bad coaching.

If the Cats have Hudson back and already had Rottier as a back-up O-Lineman the team could not dress 3-Non import O-Lineman.
My guess is he was put on the injury list so the team did not have to risk losing him.

And I agree, players running out of chances are Bauman and I would add Jermaine Reid.

Marcel B.