Roster Moves

In an indication that the O-line is still an area of concern, the Als have added 2 new offensive tackles (Randy Hand and Mike Galassi) and a new DT, Jesse Mahelona.

Released players:

RB Andrew Hamilton

DT Aki Jones, Thomas Smith

MLB Barry Robertson

CB Bruce Thornton

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My biggest surprise,amongst these cuts,are Bruce Thornton and Andrew Hamilton. Thornton had 7 tackles on last game but,I guess, is not the only criteria. If you have many tackles, maybe it's because you are a weak target. You may have a tackle but after a long pass or run.

My main concern is not the offensive line but rather Free safety; not too much faith in Joel Wright and less in Pascal Masson. Getting back to the offensive line, we must remenber that we have to start 7 non import in all; our non-import strenght is in offensive linemen.Should we start only 4 non-import on the OL,we will have to sacrifice in receiver. Presently the 7 starting non-import,according to me,are: 5 OL,1 SB and 1 FS or CB.

I have more confidence than 2 weeks ago.



If Boulay comes back we are set

I'm glad to see they are addressing the O-line. None of Trestman's offensive acumen will be worth a hill of beans if the hogs can't protect Calvillo.