Roster Moves - Week 2 - @ Edmonton

The TiCats have moved Joel Figueroa from the active roster to the 1 game injury reserve while the newly re-acquired DJ Young has been added to the active roster.

I would expect some more roster moves ahead of the game this Friday in Edmonton. Several PR & IR players flew out Monday to meet with the team as they're staying & prepping in Regina.

My guesses are that either Abe Kromah &/or Marcellus Bowman will be activated if they're able to go in order to provide a little more stoutness in the linebacking unit.

Would also expect Brian Hall to be put on the 1 game IR. His spot on the active will most likely be filled by either one of the 2 mentioned above.

Torrey Davis, who is on the active roster, would most likely replace Hall on the 44 man game day roster.

Thanks for your valuable input. It's much appreciated.

Anyways, what about moving Simmons back to his natural side? Has that been happening in practice or..?

Based on the huge number of responses in this thread, maybe I'm not the only one

Why don't you just stop posting? You are bringing nothing to this discussion. Go away. I'm so sick of all you doom and gloom fans. We're one game into the season. ONE GAME.

Wow!! more line-up changes than you would think. OT Alford starts instead of Figueroa, OT Young takes the roster spot of SB Ellingson, DE Thurmond starts instead of Boudreaux, DT Moore takes the place of DT Hall, and CB Coe takes the place of Rogers. FB Dell takes the spot from SB Aprile. As it stands now, I'm guessing the two scratches will be DT Torrey Davis and FB Isaac Dell.

Depth chart is up over at ... otes-stats

Quite a few changes as previously mentioned.

Assuming they go with how things are listed it looks like they'll be starting 9 Non Imports!

5 on Defense with Bulcke, Laurent, Plesius, Butler & Stephen at wides side corner.

4 on Offense with Myddelton, O'Neill, Wojt & Giguere/Prime.

If they do start those guys in that manner, it allows them to substitute freely on both sides of the ball with an import coming in for a non-import.

Lots of other changes in backup roles etc.

This has the real possibility of being an "Apple or a Roadmap" - "Window or Aisle" kind of game for a bunch of players!

On second thought, I think Dell will dress and OG Rockhill will sit this one out. I can't see them dressing three back-up O-linemen. The designated imports for the game should be PK Medlock, OT Young, RB Madu and LB Harris meaning CB Coe and DT Moore could rotate in at any time.

My hope is that anyone other than Plesius plays mlb. My grandmother, if she were still alive, would be an upgrade on him, judging from the Green Game.

Interesting that Boudreaux is out. Drew seems to think he's sitting due to performance.

The D line has had some issues the past few years. Ends were/are suspect. I guess it's time to see what the other guy can do.

Interesting line-up,lots of changes from game #1,the 46 man ratio breakdown is as followed 3 QB/22 CDN/21 IMP.
As for the 2 game day scratches,I would think with 9 D-Lineman listed 1 comes from that group,most likely Torrey Davis for the 2nd straight game.The other scratch I think will be either LB-Kyle Miller or perhaps G-Carson Rockhill.
It does look like the team will definitely be employing 9 Canadian starters for this game(4 on Offence-Giguere,Wojt,Myddelton
O'Neill)(5 on Defence-Bulcke,Laurent,Plesius,Stephen,Butler)leaving 14 imp starters plus 6 more imp of which 4 have to be DI's
The 6 extra imports will be k-Medlock/rb-Madu/ot-Young/dt-Moore/lb-Harris/db-Coe,my guess is that the 2 players who aren't DI and can freely sub in and out of these 6 will probably be rb-Madu and dt-Moore.
Just as a last second note here,but unless the team has two players named Banks(Brandon and one we're unaware of)the chart has him listed as wearing two different numbers for this game :roll: #87 when kick returning and #16 when playing receiver.An
An obvious typo when the chart was printed up and released. :cowboy: