Roster moves today, Grigsby to PR

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club announced a series of transactions today.

The following players have been added to the active roster:
INT – RB – Ray Holley
NAT – WR – Giovanni Aprile

The following players have been added to the practice roster:
INT – RB – Nic Grigsby
NAT – WR – Robin Medeiros

The following players have been added to the six-game injured list:
INT – RB – C.J. Gable
NAT – WR – Andy Fantuz


Gable gone another 6 games?? wow - he's had FOUR different injuries, it's not like it's a recurring injury he's been out with the finger, elbow, knee and shoulder. 6 games out which makes him eligible for the last 6 or 7 games if healthy.

Fantuz with his arm in a sling and a substantial cast on his forearm at practice today. :expressionless:

Grigsby #2 at practice

It's not just Gable, Fantuz is out for 6 games too (again). Which, unfortunately, substantiates my opinion earlier in the year about trading him while we had the chance to get a good return...

Not good :frowning:

a broken whatever substantiates your opinion of wanting him traded??

please explain? this isn't like its a recurring ankle sprain/ hip flexer or pinched nerve that happened to him!

unless you knew prior about Andy having issues with skeletal system :wink:

Forget all the BS...I'm glad Grigsby is available and agreed to come back. :thup: I'm happy to see him. I hope he gets in against the Bombers. I'm sure he will be "extra eager" to do well against his old team...never mind the fact, he wants to show he belongs. :wink:

Welcome back Nic. :rockin:

gee whiz....these two losses will be felt substantially.
This broken record is becoming tedious.

Will this entail that Aprile who is without any meaningful experience taking over Fantuz' National spot at wide side SB?
Unless Coates is moved inside as an active starter, Austin will have to juggle the lines once again.

In Monday's game Coates took over AF's spot inside. He will likely do so on Sunday unless a ratio change is made. :slight_smile:

:thup: :thup:

between him Holley and Woodson they'll get the job done

get better CJ but don't stress it, those guys got your back!

Grigsby will not dress until Ray Holley a.) gets injured and has to miss a game(s) or b.) the coaching staff believe that Holley can't do the job at RB and a change is needed.

I would suggest Woodson will start at RB in place of Gable and Sinkfield will start at SB in place of Fantuz with Coates backing up Junior Collins and Holley backing up Woodson , Maybe Banks could start at SB , Woodson has also played SB

I believe the same thing will happen as last year when Fantuz was injured. Coates will start at the wide-out spot and Aprile will back-up at slotback. In the couple of games that Coates started in last year they only threw a couple of passes to him. I hope things change this year as he's shown he is a decent receiver as evidenced by his play in the pre-season game.

Nope. I predict that Coates will probably move to the wide-side WR spot, with Aprile as backup. Of course, Tolliver has been playing lights out at that spot, so Coates might just be switching in for Andy. Aprile will still be his backup though...

Bottom line with these two Star players out we are VERY LUCKY that we have the Solid Depth on this team , I would say the BEST Depth From PR list Up , Lucky last year and the year before I believe we had the most players was it like 80 or something in that season signed and unsigned?! Kudos to our Scouts!, Austin, and Bob for building a Great team from top to Bottom :thup: the Roster moves and Manipulation of the rules and system have been A1 :cowboy:

In hindsight....we should never have got rid of Ellingson. Great hands. Clutch player.

He was injured as often as Fantuz and Gable and didnt fit into Austin/Condells system anyway or else he'd still be here.

We never got "rid" of Ellingson. He was a free agent who quickly signed with Ottawa when the opportunity was available. I'm happy with all of our receivers no matter who is in the line-up so the loss of Ellingson is not that drastic.

I agree 100%.