Roster moves for OTT @ HAM

From the Practice Roster, the Cats have activated:
INT DL Jason Neill
INT DT Nikita Whitlock
NAT LB Curtis Newton
NAT RB Sean Thomas-Erlington

Moved to the Practice Roster:
INT DB Terrence Frederick
INT RB Ross Scheuerman
INT DB Khalid Wooten
INT WR Jasper Collins (from the 1 Game Injured List)

Put on the 6-Game Injured List:
NAT DT Evan Gill

Source: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings -

Scheuerman to the Practice Roster? Seriously? Ross Scheuerman, the Running Back who can actually run with the ball? Was he found in bed with a dead woman or a young boy?

In addition to the above listed moves registered on Wednesday, media reports suggest there'll be more changes, including INT DBs Emanuel Davis and Demond Washington coming off the 1-Game Injured List to play and NAT DT Ted Laurent being shifted in a direct opposite move.

Unbelievable. But it might be an indication that they're going to start Timmis & have Thomas-Erlington as the backup.

The Depth Chart is online now:

Braden Schram is put on the 1-Game Injured List.
Cariel Brooks & Curtis Newton are put back on the PR.
Everton Williams & Adrian Tracy are activated from the 1-Game list

Tough keeping track of all these moves, made over two days. It appears that INT DBs Wooten and Frederick are both gone -- not on any list. One, though, may have just been missed by the support staff as there are only 9 names on the PR.

Oh my goodness. This team is in worse shape now that Laurent has gone down and has no real replacement. The ripple affect is even worse having to play Apprile over Tyms on offence. Our offence is already struggling and this makes things worse . Why can we not start Butler at safety and Stefan at corner and then keep Tyms in the offence.

This team did very little in the off season to improve the oline or dline national depth and we are paying for it now ..god forbid one or two of our national olinemen go down as we really only have an unproven not so talented Rice as a backup for all 3 . Things are a mess . We can't blame injuries ..look at Edmonton they have much more injuries and are still unbeaten ...Stefan is not suited for safety he possesses no threat or fear to the opponent like a will hill would have or Butler does or a guy like hitchcock or Paul Bennet did ......why would they move Unamba out of the corner spot were he was feeling comfortable and put washington at half back. Part of the problem of this team is the players keep changing and there is no chance for continuity.
our secondary and oline is the worst in the league and the dline looks pretty bad for this game and our receivers were average before dropping Tyms ....I do not like the chances for this team to win a game especially with the oc and dc co-ordinators ...and collaroses lack of mobility , passing accuracy and passing decisions throwing into double coverage ..he lacks confidence too and gets no protections...

Laurent goes to the 6 game ..oh my god.......This team is one fine mess i said there were serious issues last year that they did not correct in the off season ......

I am going to choose not to watch this game on friday to give myself a break .....even when Fantuz ( who is no longer a saviour) and Butler get healthy this is still not a very good football team .....
Milt Stegal said it best on TSN..they just don't have enough talent

They are doing so many things wrong from choosing coaches to building national depth to not bringing in more CFL experienced candidates to compete for jobs coming into training camp.

I truly think they will go 0-18 unless somethings change in a big way and they figure out how to solve the qb protection problem and lack of pass rush and db's playing too far off of the receivers.

This is train wreck and sadly they are going to have to make big changes...I am guessing Banks goes....maybe even Austin.....Collarois , Gable could go too.

I would not want to be in Austin's shoes right now trying to win a game with this weak and unorganized team

I forgot a few things ....One thing that bothers me is that they bring in players that were cut from other cfl teams we are the reject team ....wooten . unamba, Ellis, for example......were all cut from Montreal at some point

I also hope the players like simoni are not laughing on the sidelines when they are getting beaten again ..Simoni has to stand up and make a speech like the one Al Pacino made in any given sunday ...that we all have to win our individual battles and fight for every inch.

The only other solution for this team this year is to bring in CFL cuts and maybe make a few trades.

This week's line-up calls for 2 INT Reserves.
One, I'd think, would be either Whitlock or Neill, the two newcomers on the D-Line and the other will be interesting -- one of the American receivers? Banks? Gable?

According to a tweet from D.Edwards the team has released both Wooten and Frederick . Also Big Teddy has been 6 gamed along with Gill joining Atkinson who was already on the 6 gm. So basically our Canadian depth that was our interior of our D-Line is now null and void for the immediate future .
The rotation at DT will now see 4 rookies installed . Jason Neill who dresses for his first game will start alongside Davon Coleman and the two back-ups are Cdn Justin Vaughan and Nikita Whitlock who like Neill is also suiting up for the first time this season . Interesting to note that Whitlock is listed as a rather elfish (for a DT) 5' 10" and only 250 lbs . I t will be interesting to see how he fares going up against guys that will probably outweigh him from anywhere from 60 to 70 lbs on the Ottawa O-Line.

In other notes the Cats it appears will go with two Cdn starters at receiver with Mr "One Catch" Johnny Aprile getting the nod over Tyms inside and Jones playing his usual outside "Z" position .

The secondary sees Washington and E.Davis both back after lengthy absences from the line-up .
For Washington this only be his 2nd game in the last two years and his first since opening day . Davis finally makes his debut this season after being a late game day scratch last game with a bout of food poisoning .
Adrian Tracey is also back in the lineup after a 2 gm stint on the IL and will rotate in at DE .

  1. The third guy released is WR, Gerell Robinson.

[b]"One thing that bothers me is that they bring in players that were cut from other cfl teams we are the reject team

The only other solution for this team this year is to bring in CFL cuts and maybe make a few trades."[/b]

Not understanding this....contradictory??

Two ex Cats that we won't be seeing tomorrow night with the RB's are Moses Madu and Quincie McDuffie both are listed on Ottawa's 1 gm IL . On the other hand ex Cats who we will be seeing tomorrow night are.........

mlb - Tank Reed , wr - Greg Ellingson , de - Arnaud Gascon-Nadon , k- Brett Maher and lb - Ron Omara

here is Ottawa's depth chart for tomorrow's game :

Not meant to be understood. Stream of consciousness rant.

  1. I think he meant to say, NFL cuts !!!

Ticat depth chart

Yes, you could be right....
Thank you...

D backfield is looking a bit better this week.

Also, a real chance for some PR/3rd stringers on the D-line to show what they've got.

The ratio chess game is neat. You wont see that in the NFL.

No, I think the two reserves will be DE Tracy and DT Whitlock, with the other possibility being LB Kavel Conner although I think Conner will play due to his special teams work. Just depends if they want that extra back-up D-lineman.

That (Tracy & Whitlock) would mean only 6 DL dressing. They've had 7 in all previous games this year.