Roster moves for next game

Anyone play themselves off the roster, and maybe a one way ticket out of town during the bye week?

I didnt think so...unless you include coaches...but that aint happening.

Graham is playing on borrowed time due to injuries

Well the O line is playing great so no moves there and they are so flexible and deep with non imports and two really good import tackles.
Chris best looked awesome on the short yardage package. Did everyone notice him leading the blocking lane he created for a few of the short yardage plays. Drew Willy one near the goal line bets was right behind the line in the backfield and Willy just followed him. maybe think about using him in some running packages late in the game with a lead as FB to open holes for sheets.

I agree with graham and the D backfield. there have been some injuries and the Unit continues to change each week. Perhaps a reason why the teams are able to come back passing the ball. Who does anyone think would be the best D backfield to start once everyone is healthy?

With Bagg out for the season it has hurt but they moved E. Hill to WR and it really looked good for saskatchewan and Hill. He has gotten lsot a little bit this season but he had 4 receptions for 51 yards and they Durant looked his way a lot more. I think they may be on to something with that move.
Sisco is also playing well as one of the non import receivers but is not ready to take the spot of Bagg as the 3rd receiver taking over for Bagg at WR. Much more of a 5-6 receiver right now and maybe a 4 receiver but I think that Hill who had a brek out season last year will begin to beome that 3rd receiver they ar looking for behind Dressler and Getz.
I think they just need to figure out what role each of the receivers will play. Still like Harper as a Possesion receiver.

Does anyone know the status of Sincorice Moss. He is so fast and really wants to play but had a lot of nagging injuries he keeps appearing on the IR.
Anyone know his status or plans the Riders have for him.
It would be nice to have him at 100% They were looking more to him as a return man but may turn out to be a really good receiver from the slot or WR.
Joe Burnett, ESKS CB, has done this twice now. 1st the Steelers drafted him as a return man first and he ended up being a starting CB. The ESKS were thinking the same thing and he has really become a top CB in the league and has stepped in as a great return man too boot.

As far as Moss, I would think he will be in a battle with Sanders for game time. They are both pretty quick, but Sanders is 4 or 5 years younger. Also, with the speed Taj Smith showed he may fit into the return game some how. By making Smith a returner they open the door to having an extra receiver Harper or Harris. Both Sanders and Moss do little for the game day receiving corps as they battle Dressler, Getz and Hill for game time. having a WR as a returner opens more doors. It also can keep Sheets off the field on kickoff returns, a play he should not be involved in, and lets them decide if Jackson is a returner or a DB. When the Riders were a couple DBs short, Jackson should NOT have been returning.

If I was shuffling the Roster, assuming they guys who are banged up are back in 2 weeks (Russ, Jackson, Moss, Turenne) the following moves would be made:

Back in:
Jackson (well, he is not out, but never returned yesterday)

Harris (or possibly McKenzie)

West - What exactly is his role with this club on game day? He no longer returns, and he does not get game time. He has a history of fumbling, especially on returns. He is NOT going to get game time unless Sheets goes down, so why is he there? Bring in Rankin, see what he can do. Right now he is just consuming a game day spot...use him or lose him so that other key guys do not have to do double duty, like returning.

Turenne for Graham - don't think I need to say much there

Russ into Jackson's spot. Jackson sets up as a returner. If someone in the secondary goes down, Jackson comes in, but does NOT return any more. The returner is then, in order dependent on who is dressed, Moss, Sanders, Rankin, Smith, and way down the list...Dressler. If Jackson goes down and is already worked into the secondary you use Patrick, and Butler becomes full time Safety.

I would also consider a Harper for Hill swap. Hill has been playing pretty solid ball though.


I am really happy with Sisco so far. He's delivered. I am thinking he can be the replacement for Bagg allowing no other ratio shuffles elsewhere? Effrem Hill, I take him or leave him. I don;t see him as a huge threat and not sure how he plays ahead of Sisco.

The troublesome part of all these WR's is letting Carey Kock get away. He would easily be the answer right now. But we still rotate Smith, Harper, Sisco, Hill and now Harris-Jeffers.

Interesting part about coach is he likes to tinker with roster. It is getting tough to follow why he is moving people around, in and out like he is. I think it adds a great layer of depth and experience. But all the movements with roster don;t allow guys to get familiar with one another.

Anyways.............I am on the Sisco bandwagon right now.

I was pretty high on Sisco coming to the Riders, and while he has not done much in the past he is developing very nicely this season...I can see him becoming a big factor down the stretch. As far as Hill goes, most on here can attest that I have never been a big fan, but must admit he has been playing pretty good ball of late...I think he squeaked out of camp, but good of late. They also have Harris now, so he will likely work into the equation, and Harper, who is a good target but has to be worked into the O properly. I am a huge fan of Cary Koch, and was sad to see him go, but at the end of the day if I had to choose between him and say Gets or Dressler...I am fine with how things worked out. Super reliable, but a 6' mid speed NI receiver is fairly replaceable...hurts to say in Koch's case, but it is true.

I was really down on Taj Smith after his showing in the second pre-season game, but if the last game was any glimpse of his potential as a speedy deep threat...I am all on board.

I also hope to see Bamba at some point...well sorta...because it would likely mean injuries, and that would suck.

Maybe I am jumping the gun here, but I wouldn't be too shocked if the hunt was on for someone to kick field goals... Looks like Milo at like 65%? That isn't exactly what we want to see for the rest of the year is it? Has been doing well punting though.

I kinda miss Eddie Johnson, both for the sound bites and the towering punts, but he wasn't exactly great on field goals either, so I don't think that would be the answer.

I seem to recall lots of people calling for his ousting early last year, and he ended up having a solid year. It has not been a great start, but believe he will return to form. If not, I hope the have their eye on Aaron Ifield.

Well I would agree with you that Milo did improve a lot last year. The first few games, it looked like a school girl was out there punting... every game I cringed when Eddie was scratched again...

That being said he improved a LOT throughout the year. Got better with his punting every game, which is all you can ask for I guess. Was doing well enough by the time Eddie healed up that the writing was on the wall, and I wasn't too surprised when I heard he was back in California. Milo's punting has been pretty solid this year, and last third to maybe half last year I would say. If they don't bring someone in, I sure hope we see a similar improvement in his field goal kicking over the rest of this year... Or maybe we will just take a few extra chances.

PS. Totally agree! that record boot was quite lovely

Unfortunately, FGs win games in this league. Just look at the point spreads in the last few weeks. Tight, tight games. Later in the year when it is cold and windy out, FGs get real important real fast.

While you never want it to come down to a FG, Milo has to get those % up and keep them up. Paul McCallum is the oldest guy in the league and continues to have a great FG percentage. Chamblin has to be thinking about bringing in someone to push Milo. He's done it in many other positions. Punting is great. Maybe sharing the duties might be good for the team? Last year he did both but in the team concept, you bring in who ever you need to win the games. And having someone as a backup should there be an injury is good insurance.

Milo is doing a great job punting, seriously his hang time is unreal, he booms it. The punt cover this week was awesome and it had a lot to do with the punter. But his FGs are rubbish. He has good range, but his accuracy is seriously Duncan O'Mahony like. It's BRUTAL. On top of that, he misses pretty much every pressure kick, including the one that could have won the game this week. Just like last year with Greg Marshall's job - no career was on the line he went 1 for 3,missing 2 30 yarders. They lost by 6 points.

Give me Congi. His range might top out about 50, but if you need it to win the game he is MONEY.

His kick in OT vs. Calgary was both long and clutch. But agree 65% is not cutting the muster ...