Roster Moves - During 2021 Season

Was he dragooned into doing it because theres no money to pay for a dedicated beat reporter ? I highly doubt it.

Well, I suspect, as Iceman1 wrote, he'll end up being a short-term clipboard holder. Anyway, as far as I know, TiCat signings do not depend on what I think. It's just that this choice of a relatively unknown QB (even in the CIS) really surprised me. FWIW I've always been a big supporter of Canadian University football, especially the talented QBs coming out of McMaster (Scarfone, Chapdelaine, Archibald, Quinlan, Ferguson). The good ones surely deserved a shot in the CFL.

Here are QB Graham Kelly's numbers from the LFA. He was there for 2 games. Week one: He stood on the sidelines. Week two: He got the start due to injury when they played the worst team in the league. Stats for the 1 game he started: 17 of 40 for 155 yards, 1 rushing TD, and 2 interceptions. The other team's only score was tackling Kelly for a safety. Kelly was released the following week.

Kelly is #12 for the team in Green.

Game Highlights:

Game in its entirety


Thank you for posting that. I did look online, but I guess I missed that site. I did see his "prospect" video, but wasn't impressed.

Typical Pioneros defense.

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I worked in the newsroom in the early 70's. There was a full stable of local and regional reprters (5-7). A 3 person Sports dep't. and a 3 person features unit. Then editorial staff and all the support people.

Don't know about the Spec today but the KW Record- also owned by the Star- just sold theircsmall rented office AND HAVE WHOEVER IS LEFT WORKING FROM HOME!!!


Reading that article would lead on to believe that a competent Offensive Coordinator would employ a Run/Pass Option Offence. Condell, however...

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Don't over think this.

Starting Watford over Masoli if Masoli is cleared to play is a horrific take.
If winning is your goal that is.

Watford hangs on to the ball too long.

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Winning this game? Or, winning this season?

In that picture Watford looks like he's practicing how to run away from the blitz. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Orlondo not showing all his cards. For Calgary that means their wolves won't know which deer they are stalking until gameday.

true, but they do know they will feasting.

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Watford's going to have to call his own number a lot on Friday. Heck, he's had way more coaching in his career catching the ball and running with it than scrambling around and throwing it.

Before anybody jumps on me, the Eagles were the only team to try to make David Watford a wide receiver. At Hampton, he was considered a dual threat passer and runner, so that might bode well for Friday.

I'm hoping to rewatch the final 6 minutes of the Argo game (aka the Start of the Watford Era). There was definitely progress in the right direction, such as it was.

Play-by-play on his 10 passes:

  1. Complete to STE, -1 yards.
  2. Incomplete (Acklin)
  3. Complete to T.White, 3 yards.
  4. Incomplete (Dunbar)
  5. Incomplete (T.White)
  6. Incomplete (Dunbar)
  7. Complete to Ackin on 3rd down, 18 yards
  8. Complete to Ungerer, 11 yards
  9. Complete to Ungerer, 14 yards
  10. Complete to Dunbar, 33 yards.

Last two were in the final 15 seconds, so defence would have been soft. Still I choose to see progress based on those last four attempts, versus the first six.

Watford was not afraid to throw into tight coverage. Situation dictated that there was little choice. But sometimes making a throw is better than taking a sure sack.

Practice reps this week sure won't hurt.


Last game of the season in 2019 he came in relief and made some great throws. Set us up to win the game.

What I noticed in real time was his timing and throws were off on the first couple of throws. He was not close to completing a pass. One out was particularly bad.
Then he hit some throws when the receiver ran curls in front of him and come backs.

If there is a simple game plan utilizing his running threat he might be OK.

Lets be real, you don't have to put up great numbers to match our offences output to date.