Roster Moves - During 2021 Season

Now that the season is underway, starting a new thread for TiCat player comings and goings.

2021-08-06 HAM AUTRY, Lee DL A Mississippi State Transfer To Free Agent
Source: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings -

Autry was one of the 5 players put on the new CFL Practice Roster at the end of training camp. I expect, with his release, the club will have to shift one of its 11 team P.R. players to that list, now.


Guessing another Defensive player , which pretty sure there is others on the PR

The club has signed a 2019 Argo, AM DL Jhaustin Thomas, who spent the final 2 years of his college career in '15 and '16 at Iowa State. He then spent some time with 4 NFL teams, without seeing regular season action, before joining the Argos during their '19 training camp. He played 11 games with them, including starting at DT, and was among their final cuts from this year's camp in Guelph. Thomas stands 6'6", weighs 275, and is 28 years old. After singing him, the TiCats have put him on their Suspended List until he's cleared to participate.
Source: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings -
|2021-08-09|HAM|THOMAS, Jhaustin|DL|A|Iowa State|Transfer To|Suspended|
|2021-08-09|HAM|THOMAS, Jhaustin|DL|A|Iowa State|Add To|Active Roster|

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maybe due to injuries or in case more injuries happen , makes sense to have extra depth if needed

I won't be surprised if we find out today that whatever happened to Wynn, in Winnipeg, is going to keep him from playing this week and, maybe, longer.


This is another unfortunate example where TSN coverage pales in comparison to coverage of NFL and NCAA football. If an all star caliber DLineman leaves the game, they would be grinding through the tape until they found something, anything to share with the viewer that may be the reason. It would be the same for hockey coverage here in Canada too.

Unless I missed it, TSN barely acknowledged that Wynn was out of the game. I really hope Iā€™m wrong.


I believe it was early in the 4th quarter when Stribling was being attended to, on the field, with what appeared to be a knee issue, that there was mention of Wynn being "injured and out," but nothing more than those two words.


No doubt there will be a update on injuries to players since teams can't keep injury info quiet anymore. though even before nfl style injury reports were mandatory ticats would give a brief update usually if a starter was injured just wouldn't usually say stuff about backup players or special teamers unless injury was season ending.

Yeah it was mentioned during the broadcast that both Wynn and Mauldin left the game. Mauldin doesn't concern me much since Rookie Mason Bennett got 3 DT when he came into the game . Wynn would be more of a concern since less depth there .

Appears Teddy, Van Zeyl and Don Jackson at practice today! :+1:


For what it's worth, he faced no such limitations yesterday.
Reigning CFL MOP Brandon Banks accidentally showed up for practice on a day off


Speedy's injury is listed as illness, he will be fine


I removed this post, after realizing I'd misreported a signing.

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This guy signed with Edmonton not Hamilton

Thanks Oskeeeddie. These old eyes are failing me.
The young life-long Edmonton fan should be pretty happy today.

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Lol no worries :+1:

6'4 246lbs ... defensive back? Holy moly!

Jeez, don't think I've ever seen anything like that...that's as big as some of our d-line guys

Its known Wynn's injury is calf related from today's injury report but no clue how bad it is .

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