Roster moves - Aug 4th

Well.......I thought of this over the weekend. The very tricky job for BT and CC is as players get healthy and can return..........decisions need to be made to get those guys back on 46 man active. Some people gotta go?

Today I hear some things have happended:

Jamal. Boy he played well for us! Came in with a recovered knee and does he ever catch a ball nicely. But I guess he is gone and the club goes with younger guys. Ryan Smith and Cory Williams obviously rise higher with this move. Maybe it gets Roosevelt a little closer to roster as well.

McHenry - Maybe his neck injury just has not healed. Plus he is mainly a ST guys making tackles and taking a beating. Maybe age and $$$ crept in as well since he is 30ish? This one surprises a little because he brought versatility and a National.

Tel Clark - Poor guy missed 2-3 tackles in game one and Jeff Knox took over? Surprised because they really don't have import LB depth behind Doughty and Knox???????

Mark Legree is training again. He looks small............but is 6feet 210 lbs and can fly! Maybe he can push Macho at LB. His speed and size would be great covering fast RB's and slotbacks.

Marshay Green and Tristan - Both back practicing. Does this mean Tisdale and Suber both have a very short Rider career?

But if Green, Jackson and Legree are coming on............They outed Clark and Jamal two internationals.

So this is the tough part..........last game we had a couple knicks but nothing serious. We play TO and then a buy week.....2.5 weeks for some guys to get healthy. Some people are going to need to go and in the next 3 weeks will other CFL teams see some injuries to the point where the Riders can capitalize and make some moves, trade a guy hear and there and add assets or drafts picks?

Back to Jamal..........given our 0-6 start I saw Jamal as a rental player that could maybe fetch us a 3rd round pick? Don't know the ins and outs about why he got straight release and FA..............but I was hoping he could maybe get us something in return. But the club is smart to allow the youngsters to take those reps if that is what this came down to.

Who knows anything decent on Shea Emry. I heard he isn't returning anytime soon? The tackle he made against TO was heroic but he put his body in an awful position and paid for it I guess? Too bad. Having nobody as a National to b'up Shea is the same position the club was with last b'up to DD? The Board has to look at these moves and question it (when the season is over...........I am not suggesting sack the coach............I say keep the coach cause this run is going turn and when it does I think we'll play hard football). But we lost our QB on defense and our D has reeled ever since. Playing two rookie imports at LB..........the domino effect here has been steep...........throw in McDougall getting hurt and two prominent nationals are down and no backup plan!!!!!!!! If anyone has any good news on Shea would love to learn more..........I am beginning to worry he might have a career decision to make?

Bit surprising in the Richarson move in that he seemed to play well and certainly was reliable. I can understand though making a move to get younger players a shot and see what they have in them.

Surprised in Richardson cut as well,, tall , lanky sure handed..... maybe we cutting salary space for upcoming NFL releases ? hope thats why

Richardson is a bit of a shocker, but now is the time to get younger. Perhaps Taman put his foot down? Glad they are going younger, but also disapointed as JR had done so well.

McHenry has simply been replaced by Moore. I loved what McHenry brought...solid hands out of the backfield when required...unfortunately for him someone a bit younger and not coming off of a massive injury has done well. McHenry has actually been one of my favorite players to watch. Moore being out makes it weird...they must simply be tentative about using him...and I can't fully fault them on that...tend to think the time on the 6 was a thankyou and that's it.

I suspect Telvion Clarke will be around town for a bit yet...IMO he had a great camp but he did not fair as well in action

LeGree back is nice...he knows how to get in the right spot!...I would suspect Suber will still be around as well...probably why Clarke was let go....they have several DBs now and need to let 1-2 go...need time to decide.

The shocker is that McDougall was at practice today. That would be massive if he came back.

Lots of shakeups at practice today...Monroe in there...Sims arm looks way way way stronger than last season...Brack played a little bit LB (potential factor in Clarke being gone...may have just been to mix it up)...Price looked bad...perhaps he looks better when the lights are on...but Sims will pass him fast at this rate.

IMO and that of others who have played for him (but do not any more) Chamblin has been looking for the quickest way up and this weekend was a rude awakening for him

So do you think they go with Smith at qb or are we going to have the merry go round in high gear now with a new qb every play pratically? Man I hope not and if one thing last year should have taught them is you can not or will not develop a qb overnight.

I'm very very very much in support of giving Smith a fair shake and see what we have in him but I wouldn't be shocked (certainly disappointed though) if they go to Sims even in the game against the Argos. That in my opinion would be a mistake and once again a knee jerk reaction in an attempt to try and save Cory's butt.

Cory's job shouldn't be based on how the team finishes but how much the team improves from here on out, if the team can show vast improvements in discipline(penalties) tackling, and coverage plus Smith can show he has the ability to be the next starter then I say Cory has done his job. Yes I know sports is all about wins and losses but realistically unless we can practially run the table and win out from here on in then making the playoffs is a pipe dream. It's now about seeing how Cory can develop players and improve their play. If he can show he is capable of doing it then probably he should stay. If he can't then he should be gone at the end of the season. That is my opinion anyways.

I'd be shocked if it wasn't Smith. I think Chamlin already said Smith was starting this coming game as well.

I agree I think Macdougal returning would be huge. He cut is teeth in Calgary on Teams. With Brak out most of training camp and game on. MacDougal looked in my opinion as he is ready to be a regular contributor on D.
Since 2012 the Riders really did not have an experienced MLB that can play every down.

After the 2013 GC. A deep pool of National Defensive players were basically poached through expansion draft and FA.
Sholo, Evans expansion draft. S/WILLLB Butler and Newman.
Even on the O side they traded Neufeld, because they did not think they could protect him in Expansion draft, to Winnipeg for a rental in international DE hall for the push for a GC.

Along the lines of players returning from injury. MacDougal can double as a and back up game day willLB.
Dropping Clarke, who was taking a DI spot. That enables them to carry and extra International DB as the DI.
Having both Suber and National DB Carter could be a better fit to the puzzle.
Having Suber starting or as DI he has much more experience to be the swiss army knife DB. I think Carter is pretty good. He know does not need to back up utility DB. Focus on playing Field CB and S

Tough break for Spencer Moore. After developing for a couple of seasons. He really fit nicely into the offense in a player package that would include a true type TE. Fitzgerald came in the same year as Moore. Very similar players with that TE size. Has he developed as much as Moore will have to wait and see. Fitz being with the Riders for less than a week and with only one practice limited him. A full week of practice followed with a bye week.
Rea as well will now be through 6 full games as a FB and teams player.

Fitz is a stop gap due to injuries. He can't catch, he is too slow to be a runner and is not a great STer. Moore will be back on the 46 when he is gtg

Absolutely agree with that. When Moore comes back he will be back in.
Although pretty much last season the same was said about Moore.
Moore had a much better rookie season in 2013 with exclusive Teams play with 13 ST Tackles.
Fitz had 5 Teams tackles last season.
Neither saw the ball on offense barely when they were in.

I sure never saw nor heard anyone speak poorly of Moore last season. Fitz did very little…hence being a Bomber cut on a team that has crap depth in the backfield. I mean, c’mon…they called Cronk an upgrade. I’m just saying…there really isn’t a big comparison between him and Moore…nor Rea

Thats a fair assessment. I really liked Moore. I had called into a post game or other show. Bringing up the potential of Moore, especially with some true sized TE for the CFL are getting more important. Someone on the call in show did not feel he was anything special.
Again this season on a radio show about the one two punch of Messam and Allen. Again a person on the show had said the only problem is that Allen is attached at the hip to Moore. Meaning of course when Allen Comes in for Messam. Moore comes in with him to balance the ratio.

No biggie. I with you. Moore and Rea are a nice combo set of TE/FB.

After seeing Smith last week and the first decent picture of what he brings to the offense, he is not good enough to start yet.

Could he be at some point? Maybe, but he really did nothing to make anyone say wow. Most QBs that eventually become solid starters show some sort of wow factor on firdt sight. It did not help that Chappy refused to run the ball, but Smith didn't really make any standout plays at all and the offensive production was almost zero. He made absolutely nothing happen.

There is only 1 QB on the roster that gives the Riders any chance of being in the game this week. His name is Tino. Start Tino and they might win the game. Start anyone else and you're handing the Argos a win. Many of you want to develop someone. That's fine, but me personally I wouldn't mind winning the game. If the defense plays like it did last week and Tino moves the chains and puts a few points up they can WIN dammit.

IMO there is only 1 QB on the roster that doesn't give the team a chance to win...Tino...been there done that....if Tino can't get out of his own head it is time to move on and stop wasting reps on him. There is near zero chance that he is a future starter...lets see some others...tis the season and time to do it

Smith made his start against what is by far the best D in the league...I wasn't expecting a pile. At least he threw different cadences around and made some reads...he didn't stand in one spot until eventually sacked. I am "mehh" on Price, Sims was impressive today in practice...I actually think he might have more promise than I anticipated.

Lol Tino.

Your joking right?

I agree and as for Smith not making any plays? How many times did Willis have him dead to rights and Smith escaped and either made a play or at least get rid of the ball. Tino would have been laid out on every one of those plays and either fumbled or taken huge losses. Tino is a place holder and really have no clue why waste the space on the roster?

Tino had more then a shot to impress last year and since they cut him after camp its pretty obvious the team felt the same way. Again I would have never even considered bringing him back. Buck Pierce would have made more sense to call then Tino and that isn't saying much for Tino.

Cut Smith some slack given a short week practice and one of the most pressure defenses in the league he certainly could have done a lot worse, he showed far mor composure then Tino and extended plays by actually moving around a bit . Tino would have done exactly what he did when he was in, Stand like a statue and wait, wait, wait, and then get hammered for a loss. On a good day he actually may attempt to throw the ball but it would have to be a hail Mary to have any chance of being completed.

I almost peed my pants laughing at this. The problem is Tino can't move the chains he certainly can't move his feet either. He can't make defensive reads, the only thing Tino can move is Rider fans out of the stadium realizing they are wasting their time.

Seriously depop, you of all people, a smart football mind who follows the team closely, I did expect you to agree with me but I certainly did not expect such a ridiculous statement.

So you are saying that Brett Smith who for all his scrambling prowess was able to engineer well uner 200 yards of total offense and cross midfield once or twice all game gives them a decent chance to win the game?

So you are also saying that Keith Price, the guy that was sent home last year because he physically had trouble making all the throws in practice, and that you yourself said looked awful in reps this week gives them a realistic chance to beat Toronto?

So you are saying, Blake Sims who has never played a down in the CFL thrown in on 3 days practice gives them a decent shot to win against the Argos?

And you are also saying that Tino despite ripping up Ottawa last year, and beating BC has ‘no chance’ to move the chains this week? Am I correct in saying that the Calgary comeback (against a top defense) never happened?

You do realize how ridiculous this all sounds do you not?

If you want to move on and look at others that’s fine. I have never ever ever said that Tino is awesome or even the heir apparent or anything. All I am saying now is of the guys here this week, the only one who gives a serious chance to win in Toronto THIS WEEK is Tino.

If they keep him upright (and the Sask oline should win that battle this week) a soft Argo secondary matches up well with Tino’s accurate throws.