Roster Movements

After releasing receivers Paris Jackson and Tim Maypray, as well as defensive back Seth Williams, the RedBlacks announced the signing of national [b]defensive back Hugo Lopez[/b], [b]international wide receiver Kevin Cummings[/b], [b]international linebacker John Kanongata’a[/b] and[b] international quarterback Alex Carder[/b]. Carder was added to the team’s active roster while the others were added to the practice roster.
I'm pretty new to the CFL (only 3 years). Does anyone have any insight on these players? Are we in better shape with Cummings than with Paris?


Funny, I was just reading about Cummings.

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Said to be smart and...would you believe it...sure-handed.

You may already know this too, but Carder was on the practice roster and played in pre-season. Personally, I thought he was better than O'Brien and would not be surprised to see him succeed down the road. I just find it weird that we have four active QB's, unless O'brien was quietly moved.

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Ugh. While this team was being built, I understood what they were up to. Since the start of the season, some of these moves baffle me (go right ahead and wag your finger at me, bobo, you've earned it).

There are guys who have made far worse mistakes than this dude. Dobson Collins probably has as many drops as he does catches. Eric Fraser is awful. Travis Brown was better this last game, but he's taken bad angles constantly. McCuller is a penalty machine.

I get the whole "let 'em learn from their mistakes" stuff, but I don't see why that doesn't apply to Menkin. Unless the guy was miserable here for some reason. I know he was angry when he got benched, but he was back on the field just a couple of games later. I hope we get an explanation for this one, as well as some indication as to who his replacement might be.

They signed and added to the active roster OL DJ Young out of Michigan State to take Merkin's spot on the roster.

I've since seen comments by Campbell to the effect that Menkin was a "bad fit" or some such. All right. Maybe Young showed something during his time on the practice roster.

Ain't that the truth. Guy's been a bust wherever he's been in the CFL; BC, Edmonton, Hamilton, and now Ottawa. Amazes me he still has a job.

All I gotta say is " I Toad a so" :slight_smile:............

You guys will get better,remember it's still your 1rst season,your an expansion team.....unlike the Cats !!!! :oops: :cry:
at least you have an excuse. :cowboy:

THERE you are! :o I was starting to think you'd miss the opportunity...

During his Hamilton time, Desjardins' trades seemed to be particularly poor. I don't think he's done a terrible job, I just wish I knew better what was behind some of it.

Recently, Campbell just described Menkin as a bad fit and left it at that. Well, that's something at least. I suppose they don't think he's going to improve (and he's the only guy I've heard of giving media a bit of a hard time, so maybe he doesn't react well to coaching/criticism). I guess I don't see how they think a guy with the age and experience of a Dobson Collins (for example) will.

If I had to pick on something specific, he seems to roll the dice on too many guys. Joe Eppelle "didn't work out". Well, yeah...But you know you're not going to have great depth so why even take the risk. I suppose it's hindsight; I wasn't upset about the "wasted" pick at the time, and maybe it works out next year, but if the goal was to be competitive right away, maybe get someone who can contribute right away.

Maybe this is the receiver that they have been searching for, Eddie Poole. Don't see him on the depth chart for tonights game though.

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He is listed on your 10 man PR at the moment along with other receivers Onrea Jones and Kevin Cummings. Poole
as you say might be the guy they have been looking for or he might just be another in a long string of revolving doors at
the position as the air lift continues to find someone,anyone who can maybe catch something thrown to them by Hank or
anyone else the team has at the QB position. I think that the RB's will continue to keep bringing in new bodies the rest of the season,until they hopefully find 1 or 2 guys that can actually maybe show that they can catch a football on a consistent basis.

The same is true on the OL, really. Menkin out, Young in. Guys have been moved around.

It's normal, but hard on the nerves and patience.

Not to sure about if Young can help you,he was here in T.Camp this season and dressed and started 1 game then was
released pretty much before the team's next practice.The one game he did play for us was the Edmonton game when
Collaros was rocked by Willis and concussed and placed on the 6 gm IL. and the line gave up 10 sacks that night.He was replacing our regular starter Joel Figueroa and was at LT that game,responsible for protecting the QB's blindside.
I hope he works out for you,cause he sure didn't work out here in his short stint as a Cat. Hopefully for your sake "Smilin' Hank is still smiling and lasts the game,especially now that DeMarco is done for the year and Lord only knows who you have as 2nd and 3rd string QB's.
I hate to repeat myself,but DesJardins is proving my point about being a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants GM without any
general plan or vision and as usual seems to be making up the script as he goes along without ever stopping to see the forest for the trees. I suppose he is doing the best that he can do,but trust me the man just doesn't seem to be able to
grasp a handle on the job of being a GM. I'll be cheering you guys on tonight though, and hope you can continue to knock those Al's down another notch with a win for you and an 8th loss for them. IMO it's long overdue for that team to have
too see how the other half live and to endure a season with only 3 or 4 wins after being spoiled for so many years at the top of the East. :cowboy: Oh and by the way....the REDBLACKS are still my favorite expansion team this year. :smiley: :thup:

More signings :

SIGNED international quarterback Joey Elliott (6-3, 209, Purdue); added to practice roster
SIGNED national defensive lineman Kalonji Kashama (6-4, 259, Eastern Michigan); added to active roster
SIGNED national fullback Matthew Burke (6-1, 245, Bishop's); added to practice roster

Read good things about Kashama, and it appears he's ready to step in right away.