Roster Math - Week 1

Some interesting things to consider with the final cut downs coming this past weekend as well as the setting of the active, 1 game IR, 9 game IR and practice rosters.

The 46 man active has to be cut down to 42 on game day. Currently there are 21 non imports on the 46 man active roster. 20 of those have to dress this coming Friday when the team travels to Toronto. There are 25 imports, 22 when you minus the 3 QB's which don't count. That means 3 imports have to be scratched on game-day when the 4 man active reserve is decided.

So, 3 imports and 1 non import to be sat Friday night. Who do you not dress?

Taking a lot at the position groups it gets even more interesting.

RB's - 3 players here. I think it's become fairly clear that they'll be using both Gable & Walker at RB as well as Lamar as a designated import to do PR/KR duties as well as spot duty at RB. Don't think any of these 3 are a game day healthy scratch.

FB - The one man gang of Delahunt here is a lock to dress and most likely start. There's no other real option.

WR's - 4 non imports and 3 imports here. Fantuz, Giguere are starting. Grant & Jones are starting. Ellingson is the lone back-up import receiver while Campeau-Charbonneau & Diston are the non import back ups & special teams necessities. Scratching 1 receiver from a group of only 7 could be risky. I don't think that's where the healthy scratch will come from.

OLine - 8 guys here for 5 positions. 3 imports and 5 non imports. Starters from left to right will be Simmons, Dyakowski, Hage, Wojt, Figueroa. I think you need 2 backups here. O'Neill is valuable since he plays all 3 interior line positions. Need one more backup. I doubt they'll dress all 3 import OLinemen so my guess is Ingersoll is a healthy scratch and Cody Husband dresses game day as the 2nd backup.

Dline - This is where things are interesting. You have 9 guys on the 46 man roster playing 4 spots plus back-ups. 5 of them are imports and 4 are non imports. Starters in my mind are Boudreaux, Moore, Bulcke, Peach. That leaves S. Williams, Hazime & Fortin as NI backups to Bulcke and S. Scott/Marshall as import backups. Tough pickings here.

LB's - 7 guys here. 4 imports & 3 NI's. (Beswick is listed @ DB, but is really playing SAM) Markeith, JJ & Colclough are locks to start IMHO. Leaves Lawrence as the lone import backup LB with Beaulieu-Richard, Beswick & K. Scott as backups. Scott is the LS so he's a must & Beswick is a special teams ace so I don't think he sits either. Don't think anyone here is one of the healthy scratches game day ... Whether import or non.

DB's - There's really only 6 guys here for 5 positions. 2 NI's with Bucknor & Hinds. 4 imports being Webb, Patrick, McCullough and Breaux. It's a fairly thin group here as far as numbers. I realize Colclough can move to one of the CB or DB roles if there's an injury and you just shuffle your LB's. but I really don't think you can afford to make one of your healthy scratches from this unit.

So with a little realistic speculation ... The back-up non imports are ...

S. Williams
K. Scott
Bucknor or Hinds (the other being the starter)

You can only not dress one ... Which one do you drop if any?

As far as import backups ...

Gable/Walker/Lamar (1 starts, 1 backs up, do you dress a 3rd as the DI?)
S. Scott

You have to realistically drop 3 from this group.

My prediction is S. Scott, Marshall & Ingersoll are the import healthy game-day scratches and Hazime is the lone non-import healthy scratch.

What would you do?

When you start to work the numbers ... It sure gets tough!

Looks like you're bang on with the reserve selection. As for DI spots, it's probably Gable, Lamar and Lawrence. That allows them to sub Ellingson in for Delahunt for the five receiver set without any import ratio issue, although it would limit them from putting Walker and Gable in the backfield together.

EDIT: It wouldn't prevent them from going with two RBs in the backfield, it's just that they'd have to also replace an import receiver (Grant or Jones) with a non-import receiver (CC or Diston).

I love FenderGuy69's posts.

I'm going to agree on the import healthy scratches but guess that Husband will be the NI healthy scratch rather than Hazime. That leaves only one backup on the offensive line but I think that they will want Hazime to backup Bulcke, rather than having Peach or Boudreaux shift inside and bring in Williams at DE. But I agree that three NI DL backups is a lot.

I am going to guess that Lawrence, Ellingson and Lamar will be the DIs.

You've convinced me Spike. I think dressing & rotating Hazime in for Bulcke is a better way to go than just dressing Husband as a injury backup. Great point!

How they select & use the DI's is quite the conundrum though. I think as CatsFanInOttawa said, you get more flexibility with Gable/Lamar, allowing Ellingson to sub in freely. Making Lawrence the 3rd means he's limited to special teams & an injury backup which is his role at this point. They can always bring simoni in at LB & move Colclough back to the secondary if the need to.

Great takes CFIO & Spike!

Roster changes June 26th:

Sam Scott - from Active to Practice Roster
Shomari Williams - from Active to Injured List (to July 6th)
Erik Harris - from Practice Roster to Active
Philippe Dubuisson-Lebon - from Practice Roster to Active

Three jersey number changes:
Jeremiah Masoli - was 6, now 8
Nate Bussey - was 18, now 6
Arthur Hobbs - was 37, now 24

(Sources: Transactions and Team Roster)

Thanks for this ottawacat as the player changes are not yet on the Ticats web roster. As Drew mostly said in Scratching Post, it now looks like the four healthy scratches will be Ingersoll, Moore, Walker and Husband and the DIs will be Harris, Lamar and Lawrence. It does make sense to have the DIs be good special teams players.

I like the moves ... Gable is the better all around back at this point. I think Walker's time in Hamilton may be drawing near.

Erik Harris has been impressive and can play both safety & SAM LB. I like how he gets after the ball & closes & sticks his nose in it.

As far as the NI switch ... Dubuisson-Lebon is also much more of a value on specials over a Olineman or dlinemen.

Good roster moves.