roster info request

Is it possible to post somewhere on the website (in addition to the active roster), the practice roster, the four-man reserve roster and the injured list? If it's on the site already, and I missed it, my apologies. (It would be helpful to be able to review it. I'm wondering, for instance, if there's a possible replacement at offensive tackle in sick bay.)

It' all here on this website. Click team (top left corner) and then roster. Active roster, practice roster and injured list are all there.

The only thing missing - that would be a nice addition, IMO - is a list of the 4 players who are listed as game "inactive" 1 hour before game time.

The active roster lists 46 player, but only 42 of those can dress for the game.

thanks, mightypope...and thanks for not calling me an idiot, although I felt like one when I took the time to scroll down the roster...
p.s. i'm hoping powell or cheron can provide an upgrade at tackle..