Roster Exception for QB? Can Someone Help Me Undertand?

Can someone(s) please explain what will need to happen in order for CFL teams to be willing to have "Canadian" (aka non-import) QBs? Under the current rules, a team putting a NI QB on their roster is "penalized"? Just trying to understand.

Also, having NI QBs at Camp vs on the roster. Different rules going on here?

From what I understand is that with the new rule a canadian qb will not take up a roster spot which will encourage teams to develop one.

Nothing has been announced but the most plausible suggestion I've seen is that any non-import QB who is taken to training camp will not count against the limit on the number of players who can attend training camp. I doubt it will be anything more than that although I would also support allowing a non-import QB to expand the practice roster for two months in the summer. That would mean guys who are going back to school in the CIS could get daily exposure to a professional football operation, which would likely help them develop when they return to college ball.

Two thumbs up to that idea.:thup: :thup: Hopefully the league is working on something at least along those lines.

Take it one step futher....a non-import QB does not count against your cap.......we need affirmative action now!

Under the current rule if i understand it, a Canadian QB on the roster does not count towards your Non-import ratio number even if he does play, meaning theres really no benefit to having a Canadian QB especially when the American QB's you bring to camp are generally ALL better.

No what we need are Canadian qb's to take responsibility of their own destiny and do what ever it takes to blow the coaches hair back at training camp. They're getting the opportunity, now go out and make the most of it.

This deal is more than fair. The only thing i dont understand is why a Canadian starting qb would not count as a non import? Only in the cfl would they make a rule as mentally handicapped as that. A kicker counts but a qb doesnt? Whoever comes up with this crap must have been dropped on his head plenty of times by his mother while growing up.

A Canadian QB In CFL Is a Pipe Dream ..
Ron Lancaster Talked about this to me a few seasons ago.
He told the Pressure is too much for most Kids and they crack.
I Remember Ron Talking to some one with in Press about it ...
JUst trying to find a Link.

I remember Ron talking about it as well, being a professional is all about pressure.

He also said something about the media being part of the problem as well, they give way too much attention to canadian qb's which becomes a distraction to the team.

I agree, why do we get hung up on this "Canadian thing"??
Why can't we just let the best players be on the field. Does it really matter to you if a guy that makes a spectacular play is Canadian, American or a Jamaican?
Let's let the best players make the team and eliminate the quotas.
Why do fans care if we have Canadian roster spots? It doesn't make any sense.
Most CFL fans love their league and they get upset if anyone puts down the CFL or calls it "bush league" etc, but they defend the Canadian content rule which allows inferior players on the field. We should be demanding that the leauge allow the best players on the field even if it means all are non Canadian.

If you love the CFL you should be writing to the owners and demanding that we stop the quotas!!! lets have the best team on the field!!

I am strongly in favour of Canadian content in Canadian football. Drop that and I lose interest in what I believe would probably soon become nothing more than "Triple-A" US football. No thanks.

I love the CFL but I will certainly not follow your suggestion. Perhaps I'll write to the owners to demand they retain the content rule as it is, or even to strengthen it.

I agree with stevehvh .This is the CFL. The “C” stands for Canadian. As for the Canadian quarterback situation, I’d love to see each team carry an extra Canadian quarterback. The only way you get to improve in any sport is to PLAY THE GAME! Russ Jackson and Frank Cosentino weren’t the best passers in the CFL but they learned how to win by being given the opportunity to play the position. A similar argument was made against African American quarterbacks until they were given the chance to play. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old Canadian guy in section 7)

Are you starting a petition? :thup: