Roster Decisions - Place comments here

Questions and Comments about Roster decisions :

1 . Will they keep 2 imports on the OLINE or is Peter Dyakowski going to sign ?
2. Is George Hudson going to be healthy enough ?
3. Who will win the Centre battle
4. How many Imports will they keep on the DL . I hope 2 ( 2 of Josue, Caver and Collier )
5. I assume Mckay-L and one of Wayne , Reid , Beakasiuk will earn starting spots . I like Caver the best
6 . Why can't they find a canadian to kick the ball like all the other teams .
7 I pray they go with Moreno at middle linebacker . I assume Mariuz gets one spot and D'amour the other .
8 Why are they tring karikari at cornerback and not hsi familiar safety position .
9 I hope we keep anderson and gordon but they seem to be fighting for a spot .
10 cody is a lock so i assume karnegay gets the other halback job
11. Wow , the recievers.I hope guardner stays . Right now it looks liek alston , walker and curry have the edge with baumann and ralf as canadians.
12. I assume they will bring n holmes to play slotback in second and long situations .
13 I just can't see Maas Satisfying Taffe and Chang will be starting after 3 or 4 games with Butler not far behind .