Roster cuts

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"The Saskatchewan Roughriders made a slew of cuts but it is expected that a number of them will be added to the practice roster. Veteran national DB Paul Woldu was among those released.

Released: WR Melvin Abankwah, DB Kwame Adjei, WR Alex Carroll, DB Michael Carter, LB Jake Doughty, DB Jeremy Gray, WR Greg Hardin, OL Jermarcus Hardrick, OL Gord Hinse, DB Tyree Hollins, FB Ronlee King-Fileen, DL Tyler Langlais, DB Junior Mertile, OL Brad Nehring, DB Marrio Norman, K Hugh O’Neill, RB Sam Ojuri, OL Kyle Paterson, WR Alex Pierzchalski, OL Randy Richards, WR Naaman Roosevelt , DL Robert Singletary, LB Phillip Steward, OL Matt Vonk , WR Devin Wilson, DB Paul Woldu"

A little surprised at some of the names, but have to see who ends up on the PR and 6 game etc.

They can not officially announce the PR yet. There is a waiver first.

This means that Demski and Connop made the 46.

Also, Telv Clarke and Knox Jr at LB.

Beard is out, Early in. :thup:

Macho is in. :thup:

Both Taj and Kory Williams on the 46. Glad that they could make them both fit, they even found room for Jamel.

I would think that Vonk leads the PR, followed by Pierchalski, Hardin and/or Roosevelt, also Carter and Doughty.

Woldu interesting. Too bad but I can't say that I'm surprised after he showed poorly in the preseason, especially the first game.

More bad luck for McHenry. Last season was a cracked neck vertebra and now this devastating hangnail has him 6 gamed ...

Not surprised about Woldu (we touched base on this in earlier posts). Not sure if he lost a step or just thought he had it all sewn up.

Knew pretty much that Duck Dynasty was going to be cut upon his initial signing (and if he wasn’t then we were in deep trouble).

Disappointed Taj is still there considering there are few names on that list that could fill his shoes easily and are a lot younger.

Relieved that Ryan Smith isn’t on that list.

Interesting, the Lions have announced their PR offers, obviously not officially on the PR yet but have been offered apparently.

Carroll, Carter, Doughty, Hinse, Norman, Pierzchalski, Roosevelt will find spots I think.

I must admit, I didn’t think Miller would stick and I thought Roosevelt would be there over Williams. Nothing stunning beyond that. Some of the guys released can still be protected via the neg list…that is most likely a factor in some of it. I can’t see that they want to let Roosevelt or Doughty walk, for example. There is not a lot of time to work all the kinks out…but they can Neg list those 2 guys and try to figure out more later.

I totally expected Richardson to be around…do not agree with it…understand why though

There were some tough calls this year…great showing in camp.

Why is Chick on the suspended list?

Yeah...they are free is simply not "official"

As for the guy...he is a true asset and I love his game...BUT....I have heard there are now some reservations about having him on STs...that hurts his odds. He will likely be 6 gamed until they see if Rae pans out.

It was a roster move so they could bring someone else in...he was best man at his brother's wedding.

I know that he was absent to attend his brothers wedding, just seems like a silly manipulation of the roster to get an extra day or two before deciding on a cut past the deadline.

I am not so sure. It allowed them to bring in Singletary...he showed very well...never know...he might be on the PR before the season ends.

can someone give me some background history on Preston Bews who made the Riders as a receiver, as I can't remember seeing him in either preseason game and haven't heard his name mentioned at all.

Regina Thunder product.

Although I'm not sure what R signifies on his position. Typically a receiver is designated as WR or SB.

Possible territorial exemption? Typo?

Alex Pierzchalski, wasn't he the receiver in the preseason game against Edmonton that made a couple of good grabs and then some tough yards? If he is the one I was thinking of, and I think someone referred to him as a Ray Algaard type receiver I really am disappointed that he would have been cut. A strong guy that can get tough yards and isn't afraid to go to hard spots for catches isn't a bad thing to have on the team.

Alex Pierzchalski was offered a PR spot and has said no. Per BT on Sportscage

He is gone


Not to surprising to be honest. I thought he looked very good and he will probably be snapped up quickly by another team.
Not happy he didn't make it as I thought that he looked like one of the more solid receivers that actually stood out in what little time that was televised.

Younger then Richardson and about the same kind of build so to me it would have made more sense to offer him a spot for probably less then what Richardson is making and much more upside in career longevity. Instead we get older and who knows if Richardson is going to be able to play the whole season. To me this was a bad choice and the wrong one too in developing recovers for the future. :frowning:

Not surprising. He is too good of a National receiver to spend time rotting on Saskatchewan's practice roster. I'm sure someone like Ottawa, BC or Winnipeg will offer him a roster spot.

Yes, apparently going to the ORBs are signing him and another National cut. Rather pissed they didn't make room for him. They have four fricken nationals on the DL all pulling rotational duties ant best. I like those players, don't get me wrong, but this is the oldest damned group of receivers in the league. They needed to hold onto good prospects. Brutal.

Once again we see the mentality of Cory and his defense first priority. As you mentioned way too much excess on the D and good prospects especially at receiver positions getting let go. Really pissed about it and letting Alex get away was just a complete bone headed move by the team. How long was available? Hours and he gets snapped up in the blink of an eye.

Chamblin he really letting his bias show towards the D and a good head coach while he may have his preferences will not let it skew his vision of the team over all so much that one part of the team suffers because of it.

I was a bit skeptical on Chamblin when they first signed him and then I started to warm up to him but this off season with who he over looked for O coordinator and getting rid of Hall and now this is really starting to make me wonder if he is the right guy for this team. If the Riders don't make the playoffs then his goose is cooked period.

So angry at losing Alex I could spit nails right now as I can easily see him being a big time player for Ottawa.

I completely agree. I would have liked to see them a bit heavy on the National ratio and wouldn't have mind if Taj was given the boot to make that happen.