Roster Concerns

I went to both practices today and I have soem concerns :

1 . It seems other than Mckay Lauscher and Keith on the D-line , they have no real run stuffer candidates or legit dt candidates other than rookies that seem average .

2 Other than Zeke MOreno , they do not seem to have a great linebacking corps ( Currently looking to start Mariuz and Knowlton ) . that seems quite a smaller linbacking corps combined with what looks to be a small Dline. i do hope they find a way to get James Kinney in the lineup ( check his profile credentials ) and he looks good .

  1. other than Miles , we have no real CFL experience at the import reciever position .

Other than these concerns , i like our canadian content as it is the best in the league and our QB situation looks good as well defensive backs , kicking game ( setta ) , kick return games , special teams ( additions of Botterill , John Williams ) and running backs and Oline .

i am happy that OBIE is in charge ....

It is going to be tough for the coaching staff to decide which DB's and Recievers to keep as there are so many that are of similar ability and experience .

I like that they have alot of good CFl minds around to decide like OBie and the offensive and defensive co-ordinators as well as guest coaches like Danny MAC...

I am not Concerned when comes to WR DT o DE
It's The DB I worry about

yea i agree with onknight but dont forget if our d-line keeps giving qb's all day to throw the ball like they did last year then the secondary wont even mean anything.

why would you be worried about the DB's

they have enough good Db's for two teams

Chris thompson, mays , knwolton, robinson have all started in the cfl and bradley and gordon started for the cats while players like carlyle , sanders, zemaitis spent time in the nfl and bo smith and mitchell were late cuts of a strong BC backfield ....Ryan Glasper is highly regarded and perfect for safety and dylan Barker is # 1 pick.

please exlain what concerns you ,..i am concerned one of these guys will come back top haunt us elsewhere in the cfl

what about the DLINE , Recievers , linebackers do u feel comfortable about ? i am curious ?

how many of those DB's u just mentioed have had a good Cfl season lately?.

i am not concerned about linebackers. Zeke is great and think Mariuz will play well too.

D-line i am concerned about but just not a whole lot because we know what keith and mckay-loescher are capable of. and their are some dt's in camp right now that could prove to be good run-stoppers (i am not guaranteeing anything).

and receivers i am concerned about but i have a slight bit of confidence. Tony Miles can make some great plays. Chris Bauman should be better. and have u seen some of these recievers in camp yet? Earnest Jackson is a BEAST who also runs a 4.4 he is gunna be running guys over. i have only seen Willie ponder drop one ball so far and i have been to 3 practices. Prechae rodriquez is 6'5 and Jonathan carter and scott mitchell have all looked good as well.

dont forget we have Casey Printers throwing the ball to them and a better offensive line. also we have a great 1-2 threat at RB in Lumsden and Caulley.

one major issue i have is al the other cfl teams are using cfl veterans at every position hence spending mor emoney and we are using rookies all over the place like an expansion team ...i know printers cost a lot but geez we dont have many proven cfl starters that are vets do we now ...

yes i agree with u there :slight_smile:

i am confident we can get it done. the only area i have concern with is the interior of the d-line.

There is a key factor about the DT position that many seem to forget..

A defensive tackles main job is to try and keep a push up the middle and in turn help tie up the interior of the offensive line. That helps free up the edges and plug holes. This is why a DT always has less sacks than a DE.

As long as they keep getting a good push and keep the middle 3 hogs tied up.. they are doing their jobs.

Why else would a guy like Clinton Wayne stay on the roster? He had 0 sacks last year.. He stays because he gets a good push and is big enough/strong enough to plug holes. His job as a DT..

While that sounds like a good argument stop and think about this... Where are we going to get these "proven CFL starters" we can't just ask teams to let us have some now can

We have these proven CFL vets...
Jykine Bradley - If healthy, could lead the league in INT's.
Lawrence Gordon - Played great last year with a weak supporting cast.
Rontarius Robinson - Was a strong force on defense with the Grey Cup Winning Riders.
Markeith Knowlton - Was a starter on a stacked BC defense.

OBIE also brought in a lot of solid competition for these players.

My concerns are our DT positions cuz if we have a Defensive line that can pressure the QB our DBs will dominate!

Being realistic, I have concerns about WR, PR, DTs, and the OLines pass blocking.

Those were all problems last year, and i think with all of the players competing for a DB position, we have fixed that problem. But, we will know for sure once they play in a real game, but thats one spot i am confident about.

The above “problem areas” are all question marks right now, even though i like the new recruits.

I agree with the above. after the first
preseason game, I and alot of other fans
will have alot of questions to be sure.

Obie has the right idea when he says that more competition in training camp, will allow for the cream to rise to the top.

Hopefully, the cream will rise this year, and a few hidden gems will appear.

Reason I Bring up The DB is The WR Have Been Toasting them Pretty good in 8 and 8 and 12 on 12 Drills.

are they WR that Good or are our DB that bad.
I know it early We'll know at Black and gold game this sunday

Easy to find DTs.

Big strong dudes willing to do the dirty work.

They are doing their job often without getting their name called.
They free up the ends and LBs to make clean tackles.
Don’t worry, we will be fine at DT.

as I said above..