Roster Changes

great line from Vanstone

"When you lose to a team that fails to register a first down until early in the third quarter - and when firstand-goal opportunities from the one-and nine-yard lines are gassed - it is a copout to attribute the misfortunes to what some may refer to as"just one of those days.'' The Roughriders endured too many of those days during the Roy Shivers/Danny Barrett era. Losses to supposed soup cans bordered on the predictable. Year after year, those setbacks cost the Roughriders a winning record and a home playoff game."

Both Chamblin and Taman have said there will be roster and line-up alterations, and that we can likely start to see some of that post practice today.
Is that going to be simply activating some injured players like Anderson???
Perhaps suffling Heenan back the Gaurd????
Well...yes...BUT, I personally do not think that is it. IMO we are going to see an OL gone or PRd, and I am pretty sure who...and no, not Neufeld who didn't have a great game but was also in his first game back.

oh...and the changes stuff was on the radio...havent looked online

Vanstone may have a point, but he completely discredits himself with that totally unveiled shot and Roy and Danny. They are LONG GONE and he still can't shut up about them. WTF do Roy and Danny have to do with anything anymore? He's such an ego-tripping douchebag, he spent 7 years trying to run those 2 out of town instead of you know, REPORTING, and he did such a great job of it that they lasted 7 years :roll:, yet he's so full of himself over that bs he just gets himself hard talking loud. He's Area 51 without the cussing. I can't take a damn thing he says seriously.

Sure...but everything he said was true. I personally have a lot of bitter / sweet memories from Shivers and more specifically Danny era.

Shivers built the was essentially his team that won in 2006 + a QB and a couple Dlinemen. He also is responsible for making the Rider merchandise the meca it is. Shiver's issue was he was an absolutely egotistical arse and stubborn to no end, totally unwilling to compromise or appease brass, even if he knew they were right...why...his way or move out of the way, because you would litterally bowl you over if you opposed...big temper, very short fuse.

Danny’s issue was he was too much of a player's coach and a pushover with a soft spot for players he liked. He couldn't separate the personal from business, and as a result, the team got soft in a lot of games they shouldn't have. They did not have the right coach in place and if they had, Shivers would still be around. I think it is a great comparison, because that team did get walked on by struggling team a lot...way way too often. Seeing that on the weekend brought up troubling memories...fortunately, I simply have a lot more faith in this coaching is something that is valid because it was only 7 years ago, it it was something that stung pretty hard and oft held them out of post season positioning.

He says a lot that I don't agree with...I like the info he provides, though often do not agree with his "insight." The concern on this one is echoed by many though...The club took a night off, and had no answers. Now is not the time to be taking a game off, because the Stamps...they will not take too many nights off.

is it time for the panic
does it raise some concerns...yes
Is it eerily reminiscent of yester years...yes
Have the Rider been playing to their
are they playing to their opponent's...yes
have the Rider's been greatly benifited from their schedule...absolutely (no Lions yet, caust a slow Argo team early, same with Stamps)
The bonus...I have confidence in this staff. I didn't in the that era's

That said, this team can not afford to get high on themselves. They haven't exactly beaten anyone around since the Hamilton game like 6 weeks ago, and were just embarrassed by a team that did very little offensively. If you looked at the Bombers stats on O alone, you would assume they lost by 20.

Interview today with Coach Chamblin revealed that Williams has a torn ACL, Heenan nicked up, and Dressler still not 100%.
So there will definitely be some roster changes for Toronto on Saturday.

Sounds like they will leave Kromah on 9 game as they are unwilling to use up their last exemption. They are going to rotate Ferri, McCullough and Peters in at middle Linebacker. So that means Ferri off the injured list and inserted in William's spot. Will be interesting to see what they do on O-line if Heenan can't go. Option is Tyler on the Practice Roster, but that is a ratio problem.

Has anyone heard news on Steinhauer and Newman? Not a coincidence we give up a special teams Touchdown last week without those guys in.

After last weeks physical game, some key players are hurting.. It will be important to get healthy down the stretch here for a good playoff run

They don't need to use the exemption. The would simply be hit for last week's game on best. He's been off for 10 now.

I wasn't aware of that Depop! I just heard in the interview today that Kromah still has 3 games left on the 9 game injured list... That was out of the mouth of one of the reporters. Nye I think.
And from what I took out of it, they will leave him on there

He has not dressed a game...can't see why it would matter...unless I am really missing something

Actually the Labor Day weekend game had import Tyler on the Oline leaving the ratio with 5 on offense 3 Olineman 2 Rec. and two spots on defence Butler at Will and Foley and Sholo started on the Dline and during the rotation making sur at least one if not both were on the field to keep the balance at 7. Stienheur was also there in case they needed himn to fill in on the Dline but if Stien is out there is a possibility that Zack Evans could come off the PR on onto the 42. Evans still very good and able to spot on the rotation but stien was just better in TC.
Also the possibility of Watman moving to RG and Neufeld back to his regular spot last season at RT if Heenan can't go.
Good point made still have 8 games left they have depth at every spot almost to mix in some fresh players. Evans did spend the first 9 games on the 9 game IR with no roster spots was placed on the PR and I suspect they sprung him for spot duty on the Dline or injury as he will be game fresh for the second half of the season.
Peters was also very highly thought of going into camp but again they were so deep that they really could afford to give another half season to get up to pro football speed. He could really turn out to be something very good.

I guess that would mean he wasn't put on the 9 game until week 4, whereby it would be an exemption use to take him off now.

ahh…july 26th, cant come back until October 3rd.

What a huge blow! I have a lot of faith in McCullough though…oven said he was one of the more overlooked players in the league.

Yes... McCullough will do fine. He is a smart player and is rarely out of position. My only worry with him is that being fresh off an injury, he may not be fully up to game speed yet. However, with Williams out, we have no choice while Kromah on 9 game. If they implement Ferri in there as well, he has experience. Just need him to play smart and not take those 15 yard penalties

Didn't think about Watman... Has he seen much action this year? I know he was the first round pick last year, so the guy must have potential. I have watched most of the games this year and just don't remember his name called much is all. Hopefully Heenan not hurt too bad. He was having a fantastic season up to last game..
And yes, I do remember Tyler in that game. He did well

I know Winnipeg came to play last weekend, but IMO... It was an opportunity lost. Knowing that BC lost to Hamilton, the Riders had a chance to go 3 games up on them. The Riders schedule gets a little tougher now... A 3 game cushion would have been nice to give these fresh players some time, and not have to worry about a loss or 2. That way some of the regulars could have been rested for the important games against BC and Calgary. If the Riders can win 2 of 3 against BC, that should get us a home playoff game. It would be a nice to have to finish first in West, but not a need to have. Generally half the stadium is Rider fans in Calgary, and eventually the gods will have to look down us and allow us to win a playoff game there. But I'm scared of BC in BC. We just don't play well there at all. So minimum, we need to finish second

Ferri is way to small for the role IMO. Personally, I wonder if Tristan Black could adjust to it.

I agree , I don't buy this as a"off day" . The players busted their rears. They were as emotional and into the game as the Bombers. There are obvious lacks of talent on the Bomber team. No this is not the Barrett/ Shivers era but it is far too reminiscent of it. Coaches going to sleep with one track minded game plans that weren't working. blah blah blah. The management and coaching staff were not into the game....not because of same reasons as in the Shivers era (arrogance and favoritism) but with the same results. Why? I am afraid of the answer and i'd rather not know as long as there are no more "give me's this y

Possibly! But I think they would use Ferri and his speed to keep Collaros honest. That guy has a tendency to put the ball under his wing and run a lot. It also sounds like they are going to give Peters a shot at it too. To quote the Coach, they were going to use all 3 (Peters, Ferri, McCullough) in different situations. And use all 3 to confuse offences as well. To get some more size at LB, we may see Brackenridge back at LB more vs. Butler. IMO, Butler is a better safety anyways…

Depop........I want to take you back to your earlier comments on the O-line. You suggested there might be changes but don;t point at Nuefeld.

Nuefeld, everyone knows he struggled. He even said so in an interview. First game back and he slipped into guard..........I give him room to have a bad one.

Heenan - I think he was not bad against Bombers. Too bad he got knicked up.

I would say Picard and Labatte didn;t look their best for sure! Fulton.............not sure.

But since you are alluding to something wondering if we're on the same page. But Picard looked lost at times. Not good for a savvy vet. And Labatte got overpowered on some plays? But hey........on the day I think it is safe to say alot of the offense wasn;t at their best! And unfortunately it all starts up front. I can't see anyone getting PR'd on this.............except maybe Clark for taking that penalty on 3rd and goal.


I specifically said that I felt Nuefeld was safe. Clark was who I was speaking of. I have made comments the past few weeks on him often looking back at the guy who just ran through him. LG was, IMO weak, and has been for a couple games...a spot he and LaBatte rotate.

watman has not started a game but did see substantial time during a game when Fulton left the game. Watman [played LG and Labatte moved out to LT.
The word out of camp I thought was that he was game ready if needed. Playing at RG tends to be the easiest spot on the Oline for a players to begin at. after 10 games if the RG spot is open for the game this would be a good time to see how he can do incase he will be needed later on late in the season

I think we'll see whatever changes are needed because of injury.

I don;t see Labatte or any other starter getting hooked for one bad outing. The whole unit was bad.

I sure hope Heenan can go becuase we just lost Best. More changes just mean more changes and the greater chance for a showing like last week in W'peg.

Toronto D is also on the tougher side so they need to get back to form.

And DD and the receivers need to read the blitz and take advantage. Its a 12 man unit............not 5.