Roster Changes

As per the Announcement:

"The Ticats also announced that the team has released non-import running back Guillaume Allard-Cameus and import defensive back Cody Williams. "
So the questioin is:
Why do we always get rid of our draft picks? I thought non-import running back Guillaume Allard-Cameus was going to get some playing time, but I don't think he ever got into a meaningful game.

We keep drafting players, who never play.
And whatever happened to that guy we picked 6th in the draft? He was supposed to be the stud fullback.
Just wondering.....

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Why keep a draft pick around if he demonstrates in practice that he can't be effective in a game?

And as for Brown, he is switching to FB from receiver, so he is too raw, and still learning. Probably a year away from playing.

And Scott McCuaig?
The Scratching Post: A little news:

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Another one of our 'Draft Choices' we released.
So, either:

  1. the choices we made were not that brilliant ( i.e. we suck at choosing Draft picks ).
  2. we are suckers for taking chances, hoping the athlete will 'pan out' .
  3. they can't beat out the current starter.
    Either way, we are left with 'empty' roster spots.
    I hate 'wasted' draft picks.....
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