Roster Changes - QBs / RBs - Over the years

Just going back to 1990, I'll add a few names who haven't been mentioned yet (lots of guys who had a cup of coffeee with the 'Cats):

1990 - Sam Loucks RB, Ernie Schramayr FB, David Adams RB, Michael Vaughan RB.

1991 - Jamie Morris RB, Ricky Martin RB, Paul Bushey FB.
1992- Orville Lee RB

1993 - P.J. Martin FB

1994 - Brad Elberg RB, Joe Campbell RB, Joe Mauldin QB.

1995 - Dean Noel FB

1996 - Brian Walling FB, Tyrone Rush RB and Tony Stewart who played about half the season Zontar

1997 - Markus Thomas RB, Marcus Holliday RB, Willie Brown RB, Yonel Jourdain RB and the year of the six quarterbacks , Anthony Calvillo, Mike Cawley, Kendrick Nord, Rickey Foggie, Marquel Fleetwood and Jason McCullough.

1998 - Jarrett Smith RB, Dan Pronyk FB

What about Sanky? or whatever his name was? and Cawley wasnt that bad. I met him twice.
Seemed alright to me.
When did we lose Jeff Johnson?

1961 training camp Ticats started with 10 (ten) QBs-Bernie Faloney, Frank Cosentino, Tom Dublinski, Glen Woods, and 6 “et al” (that means I can’t remember the names of the other 6).
Also enough RBs for coaching staff to have 2 full starting backfields, 1 called the “horses”, the other, the “ponies”. Members of one or the other included: Gerry MacDougall, Ralph Goldston, Larry Hickman, Garney Henley, George Scott.