Roster Changes - QBs / RBs - Over the years

I had a pretty good arguement / discussion with a friend from work regarding the chronology of the Ticat QBs / RBs over the last 20 years.

I'm talking anout everyone, not just the starters, including the guys that never saw a down.

Before I sit down with my media guides, has someone complied a list already? Feel up to the task?

In 1996 alone, I believe that we had somewheres around 6 QBs.

Good one. Every year it feels like Eros Sanchez and the like are one step closer to being lost to history, like Atlantis.

Reggie Barnes, Mike Saunders were popular at RB, but who names like Tony Stewart, John Hood, and Kalin Hall are drifting into obscurity.

At QB, Lee Saltz, Steve Taylor, and Bob Torrance come to mind.

It would be interesting to see it all drawn up in a horizontal timeline, showing who was backing up who.

Doing the whole league could be quite a challenge. Maybe I'll tackle it when I get a free minute or two :slight_smile:.

There must be some software out there to make it easy. C'mom Bob, get on it.

How about a league wide coaching timeline? Again, with the merry-go-round of staff in this league, it could be quite interesting.

Imagine, the travels of journeymen Urban Bowman, captured. Or Bob O'Billovich....


Kalin Hall was a good back… #24 if I recall correctly.

I think we replaced him with a hot head named Ronald Williams :wink:

He was a breath of fresh air at the time.

Prior to the 96 season Hall, a complainer and nutjob, was traded to Calgary for Tony Stewart, a productive back with Flutie etc.
Stewart ended up being damaged goods, failed physical when he reported to Cats and I dont think he ever played a down.
Hall refused to report to Calgary and never played in the CFL again.
Hood 93-94 always seemed to be hurt and split time with a Bruce Perkins. Probably the least effective running attack in the history of the team.

Dave "Fumble per game" Dinnall

What about Walter "Butterfingers" Bender?
Dave "Fumball" Dinnall?
ex NFL'er Herman Heard?

Poncho James, Kelvin Lindsay, Tony Truelove...Josh Ranek...

I can't stop now....

Reggie Barnes (my buddy Dave B. still has nightmares about this guy)
Orville Lee

Some quarterbacks:
Mike Cawley
Ricky Groggy
Larry Justanis

QBs.... Terry Andrysiak.... Ron Veal.... mmmmmm... veal......

But, I saved the best for last…

T.J. Rubley
Timm Rosenbach

Derrick "For Two" McAdoo

Don McPherson (My stomach still turns)

Timm Rosenbach (A close second behind McPherson)

me thinks
'86-91 Kerrigan.
92 Allen
93 Macpherson/Dillon
94 Rosenrott/ Dillon /Slack
95 Calvillo/Kerrigan/Taylor
96 Dunnitagain/Calvillo/Jusdanis
97 Calvillo/Graves/Foggie
98 2004 DMAC

Slack tried to comeback again around the Bankhead/Dickens fiasco ,2000,2001?

Hahahaha....I forgot about "The Rube".

He had a great game in Winnipeg once (playing for the Bombers) and they were about to give him the keys to the city.

We met the guy at Cup in Winnipeg 98 when we brought him in for insurance. Biggest non-appreciative, arrogant, 3rd string QB I have ever seen. Had he not been a Tiger Cat I would have personnaly dragged him to the next flight out of Canada so he could go coach Pee Wee football somewhere.

Mike Cawley, busted and wired jaw courtesy Mr. K.D. Williams.

Mike Cawley, late for practice after a night out with one of the forbidden website directors.

Mr. Lancaster was not amused.

The last straw cam e when Ron caught him on the bench with his face buried in a magazine whilst the game was on in a 98 pre season game.

Hey, you got to give them credit - at least they all have Great Names!! :thup: :thup: :thup:
The Eagle