Roster Changes for SSK Game

Glenn MacKay was, yesterday, added to the 46-Man Active Roster, making room for Ludovic Kashindi on the 7-Man Practice Roster. Shivers has been put on the 1-Game Injured List. Bo Smith takes that spot on the 46-Man list. Somebody (Fish?) will still have to "get Injured" (if not released) to accomodate MacKay's activation.

Carter is still on the one game but Drew says he's practicing. If fully recovered from his concussion look for a switch with MacKay.

Isn't the PR limit bumped to 12 around this time of year to accommodate the NFL cuts being brought in for evaluation? Or is that period over now?

The PR is set to expand from 7 to 12 sometime in early October, not sure of the exact date however.

I thought it usually started early- to mid-September to coincide with the NFL cuts. No?

During 30 days during the season which coincide with the National Football League cut-down of roster period, each CFL club may increase it’s practice roster up to a maximum of twelve 12 players.

I could have read something wrong in an article about the PR expansion. However, the CFL trading deadline ends in early October, somewhere around the 7th or 8th I believe.

You're right backer. Oct. 7th this year. The explanation is here:

[url=] ... sters.aspx[/url]

Thanks for the correction, and the explanation. Makes sense, in a way.

More moves -- David Ball released from the PR and James Hargraves goes from Injured to the PR. With the PR full (7 players), somebody else still has to "get injured" by tomorrow.

I understand that Fish may not play on Saturday after reading this: ... ice-3.html

Fish made a rookie mistake on a return, but he impressed me with his ability to hang onto a pass while taking a hit. But it'll be interesting to see what MacKay can do.

And I see that Carter is still on the IR. It'll be interesting to see the depth chart when it comes out tomorrow.

That MacKay kid is like flypaper.
Lots of kech'em in that kid. Like Flutie.

double post

Depth chart is out.

MacKay, Carter, Bauman in. No Fish. Brown is listed but his name is greyed. Not sure what that means.

Issac Brown isn't on.

Seven DLinemen.

Too bad about Fish. I liked what I saw last week. As for not letting the kickoff go out of bounds, how many rookies have made similar mistakes in their first game?

Think it just means that you've gone to his profile recently.

Anybody know, have McIntyre and Baggs been taking first team reps at practice?

IIRC earlier in the week Drew said those two and Hickman were rotating at DE.

I expected Fish might get hurt overnight, but it appears Ike Brown ran into him and they both got injured, making room on the 46-man roster for Matt Carter, coming off the Injured List.

Good call on Fish "getting injured" and an interesting theory on how he got injured. :slight_smile:

And after looking at the roster, I noticed that Jykine Bradley is on the 9-Game injured list. He wasn't on it earlier, was he?

Good eye BTF. Yesterday Bradley and George Hudson were both put on (or extended on, I can't recall in Hudson's case) the 9-Game Injured List. They'll both come off the day before the Grey Cup.

The roster rules do allow for each team to once, in each half of the season, activate a player from the 9-Game Injured List. If they choose to do so, that player's entire salary, while on the injured list, must be counted in the "cap" figures. Otherwise, although an injured player gets full pay, it doesn't count.

Looked it up .... and, yesterday they were BOTH PUT ON the 9-Game List. They had BOTH been on the single game list for the PAST 2 GAMES.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can put a player on the 9-game list retroactively, so that their 9 games actually starts with the first game that they were on the 1-game list for. If that's the case they would both be eligible to come back for the playoffs.