Roster Changes For LDC and Jyles Starting

With injuries and so on the roster looks dramatically different acording to depth chart on BB'

QB --- Jyles is listed at #1 while Pierce is listed at #2 --- Guess LaPo isn't taking any chances with Buck considering he was still on the limp this week ... BUT ... if Jyles struggles i except Buck to step in. I hope Jyles is ready for this game mentally and physically!! Jyles ribs are not 100% and he is still wearing a flack jacket and Buck is obviosly not 100%, will we see Brink?

WR --- We have Bowman and Hargreves listed as starting WR with Smith and McHenry listed as backups, i would like to see what McHenry can do? SB is as usual with Edwards, Ralph and Davis starting.

OLINE --- Chris Greaves gets a start at LG, Labatte moves to LT.

FS --- Logan returns, Browne moves to #2 and Green #3

CB ---- No changes with Johnson and Glover starting and Beasley as backup

HB ---- Suber and Stewart starting

LB --- Bowman is back, Hicks is hurt (and the hits keep coming) Kent moves into LB spot from HB with Merrill Johnson backing him up.

So the roster shuffle continues, now lets see what this team is made of ---- Go Bombers

the depth chart doesnt mean crap all, no offense man but.. a few weeks back pierce was listed as #1 on the depth chart and jyles got the start.. lapo hasnt announced who is starting yet.. wont until tomorrow so to say jyles is starting is quite pre mature to say the least.

until lapo actually announces who starts.... which he hasnt done yet... i dont believe it.

last i heard was starting db's were looking like

beasley,jovon,suber,glover. with stewart backing up.
lbs = m bowman, lobendahn,kent.

ol= butler, greaves,khan, morely, labatte with unknown backup.

its far to early to creates this topic... as they havent even announced the starters yet.

look for alot of different defensive packages and alot of different schemes then we've seen in the past games... <-- this, ill bet on. the rest... until its announced is heresay.

heck they arent even in sask yet or even left as they are doing the walkthru here at canad inss and then flying out later this evening even. so a lil premature.

Whatever Killer, i am making a legitimate post here and you still jump down my throat, dude whats up? Should i be like other's and just post crap topics, false rumours an so on? you have ragged on pretty much every post i make, i am sorry man but if you don't like my posts than don't read them and better yet don't reply!!

I made this post going by the ACTUAL depth chart, not some made up BS and the depth chart means more than you think especially 1 day before the game + it is walk through day meaning official rosters have to be pretty much IN by now or officially 24 hours prior to the game if you want to get technical about it!!

As I stated before, give Jyles the start and give Buck the rest and the home start ! Not sure Labour day is the game you want to shake the rust off !

jesus h....

i said no offence man but the depth chart dont mean crap.

not ragging on you.. just saying a few weeks back pierce was listed as number 1 and jyles started.

just really saying, until lapo announces it i dont beleive it.

thats all.

not attacking u but.. i mean, with some of ur posts, i could if u want me too..

dorian smith on the 9 game then back a week later

but im not.. im just stating the depth chart is wrong alot of the times.

Lapo has announced that Pierce will be starting tomorrow.

REGINA -- Buck Pierce will lead the Winnipeg Blue Bombers into action in Sunday afternoon's annual Labour Day Classic against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

After keeping the decision secret over the last couple of days, head coach Paul LaPolice announced upon arrival at the team's hotel here Saturday afternoon that Pierce would be the starting quarterback, with Steven Jyles and Alex Brink in reserve.

"After watching him in the last couple of weeks and this week's practice and coming off the bye week we felt his mobility was good and throwing the ball well and locating it," said LaPolice.

"We feel that we'll give him an opportunity to play. If you think about his two games at the beginning of the year you could say he was as good as any quarterback in the Canadian Football League, if not the best. That's a guy you want on your side. We'll evaluate how it goes."

Sunday's match-up between the 2-6 Bombers and 5-3 Riders will be Pierce's first start since starting, but not finishing, in a loss to Hamilton back on Aug. 13th. Pierce is 1-3 as a starter for the Bombers, the same as Jyles.

"It's great," said Pierce. "I'm very excited to be the starting quarterback for this big game and I'm excited to go out there and help our team. I've heard about this (the Labour Day) game a lot. But it's a big game in a number of ways. We're desperate for a win on the road. The excitement that surrounds this weekend is all new to me, but I've played here before and I've enjoyed success here.

"It's a great place to play. It's what the CFL is all about and I'm excited about getting a chance to experience it."

...Pierce gets the nod with Jyles a close runner-up....Could we see both????? :roll: :roll: :rockin:

Always a good chance you will see another QB when Pierce is on the field.

Ha ha.

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