Roster changes for Edmonton game

Interesting changes in the lineup.


Deslauriers gets his first start in the slot in place of Ben Cahoon.

Lambert is back in the lineup and Bourke will backup Seagraves.

Bratton and Smith's son backup the receivers


Proux replaces Boulay at Safety

Bowman starts ahead of Kashama

I am very surprised at the changes on Oline by the Als considering how well they played last week. I guess if things don't go the way Popp likes he can make the change in game...

I'm also anxious to see how Deslauriers does. I have high hopes for him.

Deslauriers was somewhat less than impressive in his debut, hope he picks it up a notch. The O-line is a puzzler, I wouldn't fix what isn't broken and I'd have the same line we saw last game, which was easily their best game of the season; i.e. keep Bourke in there!

It matters little who is listed as "starter" and who is "backup" at DE, Kashama and Bowman pretty well alternate all game.

Bourke gets benched for a great game last week? Garbage move. You CANNOT be messing around with that blindside tackle position from week to week. It's important to a QB to have continuity and stability at that position.

Als Website has him as a backup but RDS is reporting that he will start and Lambert will backup Seagraves. So I don't know what's what?

I'd tend to believe RDS on this one. The Als' official depth chart has OFTEN been misleading to put it mildly. This will not be the first time that what the depth chart says is not what happens on the field.

I hope RDS is right. It makes no sense to tinker with the O-line the week after they play one of their best games of the year.

I agree. They also have Perrett who apparently is showing very,very well in practice.

Very true! I actually wonder if it's misdirection on the Als' part. Maybe they intentionally put out misleading information as a strategy to confuse the opponent?