Roster Changes beginning to make a difference

The Bombers making some roster additions every week are beginning to look pretty good.
Kelly at WR in for the injured Mathews has really solidified that spot. Sims-Walker may get to see some more action this week as well so that could also be a positive for quality import depth at REC.
Meanwhile Foster being odd man out gives the BBs 5 Canadian receivers all with some good upside so getting onto the roster and into the game will create some competition. Kohlert has played great, Watson when healthy also played great, Etienne has shown that he can play having the speedy foster to push Poblah and everyone else could allow the BBs to go with 3 Canadian REC at times when needed.
Pencer after spending a season and a half preparing on the 9 game will get his shot to start at RG. Being able to have him start off as a RG usually is a good break in point for young Canadian O Lineman.
Peach on the D Line now gives them a really good looking 3 man rotation at the DE spot.
Adding vet Bo Smith to the roster has already began pushing the DBs already on the roster. Marty Markett looked really awesome against the Riders. Lets see how Javon Johnson will respond. Burke now seems to have some more say in who will play and Johnson may be on notice.
PRENTEAU also on the roster an older vet but has sat ffor half the season so he should be very fresh as well as Pencer.
I would love to see them be able to sign a solid Import who can come in and solidify that RT spot.
Rookie Teague Sherman on the roster is also a move that I can see helping. Dan West playing the back up safety role really with no potential to get any better where as I can see Sherman begin a STs dynamo and after spending half a season practicing could also be not considered a rookie so to speak any more.

Just a thought but the Bombers have not really been excited about Denmark this season but has shown he can play in this league so a possible trade may be something they should be looking into. Montreal has zero reserve true import receivers after the 4 starters and are always loaded with potential Canadian O Lineman

I could trade Chris Matthews and his expiring contract to the Als for a NI olineman, if he was healthy that is. Popp evidently knows the value of having a good group of NI olineman around and they've lost a couple of guys to injury. The NI lineman are hard to find, there's hundreds of unemployed import WRs so Popp will probably just bring someone in before trading. The one thing that's kinda hamstrung Popp in the whole fiasco that's been their 2013 season and maybe make him more agreeable to a trade is that being the HC and having all the issues at QB now with Calvillo out and so forth he has to put in more work on the club right now whereas before he could've scouted the NFL training camps and found some bodies he wanted to bring in.

winnipeg also now has an influx of Canadian receivers giving them 5 on the roster all of whom have been a starter at one time or another over the past 2-3 seasons but I have kinda given up that Montreal will try to replace Deslaures he contines to stink and he continues to play. It took him 5 years to get his first 100 yard game and he plays a lot being the 5th receiver in a 5 receiver set and at times with injury even starting as one of the 4 starters.
So i would think that a trade for a Canadian Receiver for a Canadian Olineman may be good for both teams but doubt it would happen.
I have mentioned before perhaps Watson for Matte

.....Matthews will be gone at the end of the way or the other....He has been lousy this year and half of the time injured....Not impressed with this guy anymore :thdn: ...I doubt anyone would give us a bag of balls for him let alone Popp who has plenty of problems...Mostly him behind the bench :lol: ..It's true wearing two hats does not look very fashionable on his dome and he's paying the price for a hiring screw-up at the beginning of the year (see Hawkins).... As far as we go,the changes and the replacements on the o line are long overdue ...dbs. are getting pressure and they won't be so complacent anymore....I'm looking forward in seeing what this latest acquisition from the vikes can do...Bradely Randall looks like he can run and I hope we see him on returns...Other than that...Hall behind centre will be a venture with the two new Americans on the o line...I'm not putting any money on us in this one.. :wink: