Ross Scheuerman to start vrs Riders and other changes

Ticats to sit RB C.J. Gable for Ross Scheuerman
Posted on July 6, 2017 by Drew Edwards // 2 Comments

In an apparent effort to kick-start a languishing ground game, the Ticats are benching veteran running back C.J. Gable in favour of second-year man Ross Scheuerman for this Saturday’s game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Scheuerman played in three games last season making one start but it was a good one: he had 16 carries for 79 yards as well as five catches for 40 yards in a 20-17 win over the Montreal Alouettes on Sept. 16.

Unfortunately, Scheuerman broke his wrist in that same contest and missed the remainder of the season.

He’ll replace Gable, who had five carries for nine yards in the season-opening loss to the Toronto Argonauts on June 26. The 2013 East Division Most Outstanding Rookie, Gable is in his fifth season with the Ticats. He had almost 700 yards rushing and more than 400 yards receiving last season but had just one 100-yard rushing game.

The Ticats have often neglected the run game under head coach Kent Austin. They were eighth in the CFL in rushing attempts in 2015 and ran just 24 per cent of the time last season, tied with the Riders for dead last.

Hamilton is expected to make a number of other roster moves ahead of Saturday’s contest, including the insertion of receivers Jalen Saunders and Junior Collins into the line up. They’ll replace Terrence Toliver, who injured his knee against Toronto, and Kevin Elliott, who had two catches for 18 yards against Toronto.

Defensive back Abdul Kanneh did not on Thursday, meaning it is extremely unlikely he’ll play Saturday.

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The #Ticats are playing the #Riders this week & so are piping in crowd noise on day three of practice. Did not do so before #Argos game.

The Gable news is a little surprising, but I suppose not completely shocking.

I'm actually more surprised to hear that Elliott will be sitting. He looked pretty good in the pre-season. And it means two changes in the receiving corps instead of just the one required by the Toliver injury. At least Collins is no stranger to the offence or the QB.

Unless he's injured, I, too, am certainly surprised at Elliott sitting.

A BIG wakeup call for both of these veterans

Not sure if Elliott is done yet but I am wondering why Gable made it out of camp. Thousands of running backs available to complement Scheuerman and Gable is still on the rooster. Another Austin man crush player.

That was my feeling as well when I first read about this. Then I thought maybe it might be part of the "new" injury reduction plan. You know, give guys with skills and knowledge a bit of a break during the early part of the season as a way to reduce wear and tear on them. Scheurrman is a capable step in for Gable but not sure there is a receiver on the roster that can "replace" Elliott.

It also could be that the staff are taking game experience looks at players who are "on the bubble" in an attempt to determine who will be shipped out when NFL cuts start. You can't tell what you have until the real bullets are flying.

With Toliver and Elliott out and Aultman and Saunders in, we're down a full foot (12") and 61 lbs in WRs.
Now, reading what I just typed, I wonder, for the first time ever, why the Canadian Football League doesn't see this as 30.48 cm and 27.67 kg ?

I thought Aultman looked good in pre-season, and Saunders is supposed to be a very dynamic, fast player. Glad to see the coaches aren't afraid to put new guys in.

SSK had lots of trouble covering WPG’s fast REC’s, may be the reason for Saunders and Aultman

Is there any source besides this thread where it says Aultman is playing?

Interesting timing, to re-assert your man-crush theory at the exact moment it is irrefutably proven wrong. An example of not letting the facts get in the way of a good opinion?

Actually it's Saunders and Junior Collins who are starting. Collins does have experience in the offense even though he hasn't played much. Saunders is capable of returning punts/kicks so can spell off Speedy - unless of course they put both in on returns. Then it becomes a matter of "choose your poison" for the green guys! Saunders on returns also allows Speedy to play of offense more if needed.

My definition of a coach "man crush " Not realizing the player or players have lost a step or their playing ability has diminished. Like I said before Gable should not have made it out of camp. Gable as the starter is ludicrous. If it'not a man crush then it clearly poor assessment ability by the coachs. Something like being too pig headed to run ball!

:thup: it's about time as Unable Gable hasn't ran well at all since? And he is a very expensive extra blocker ! But hey he is one of Austin's Guys so he will still be on the roster next season! Interesting move 100yarda baby for Rockin Ross :rockin:

Some more info on the lineup changes here

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"Brian Tyms will move one spot over from the boundary slot position to receiver, replacing the injured Terrence Tolliver while veteran Junior Collins and rookie Jalen Saunders will be added to the lineup."

Well considering that he'll probably only see the rock for around 5 carries in Austin's offence all game , all Scheuerman will need is a paltry 20 yd avg per gain to rack up a 100 yd rushing performance on the prairie on Saturday night . I'm sorry but with the lack of a rushing game that this team simply refuses to utilise and install in the offence we might as well not even bother dressing a running back on game day . Gable in the season opener had 5 carries all game for a paltry 9 yds and was only thrown to 4 times for 24 yds in receptions .

With all due respect to Scheuerman and/or Gable or anyone else they choose to play at RB for that matter don't expect much production when the run game is used roughly only 5 to 8 times in any given game and our RB's are lucky if they see 4 to 5 passes out of the backfield in any given game .

Like Einstein once said : The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ......I'm wondering if perhaps Einstein wasn't referring to this teams offence when he made this comment ? :cowboy:

Does CJ not get the ball because he has not had consistent good production, or does CJ not get good production because he does not consistently get the ball? Seems KA is starting to lean towards the former? Or has more confidence in the O-line? Time will tell.

Plus, for most offences, the RB gets more carries when the game score is close, or the team is ahead. For the past year and a bit, the Cats start slowly and are often in catch-up mode. Not a good situation for a running game. How many times did they run against Edmonton when Jeramiah set the pass completion record to come back some 25 points?

If CJ is indeed primarily the starter because of his blocking, maybe RS starting does show a change in play call philosophy. Or, maybe it is a nagging injury? Again, time will tell.

My mistake in this thread as the first to incorrectly, and unexplainably, mention Aultman, instead of Collins. :oops: