Ross and Dixon Cups

does anyone have any pics of the Ross and Dixon Cups, the former awards for the winner and Grey Cup Rep of the East and West Divisions/Conferences?

and why were they eliminated?

They were eliminated because their titles sounded too much like jock straps.

They were eliminated because they knew too much.

They were eliminated because they tried to change too many rules :wink:

Just kiddin!

The Dixon Cup still exists...I have a whole stack of them in my bathroom.

KK, I gotta say you actually bring up a good point :wink:

I wish they still used these for the winners of the East/West Championship games, instead of the generic trophies they use now ... there's more history behind the Ross and Dixon Cups. The CIS has (for example) the Yates Cup, which seems to be as big a deal as the Vanier Cup. I wish they still used the old trophies, and promote the (long and impressive) history of the League ... actually, I think the guy who gave his name to the Ross Cup may have died on the Titanic!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I would have expected that from Kanga...not you Big Dave! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I wouldn't say that the YAtes is anywhere close to as big a deal as the Vanier Kev. But I do agree with your point. It was the same with the NHL when they switched to EAST WEST instead of Cambell Wales

Hey Billy...Why did they change the name of the Church Hill Bowl and Atlantic Bowl?

not sure

I want the Atlantic and Churchhill (maybe) Bowl names back. Yates Cup too, but I have check on that.

yeah, I heard somewhere about something in the CFL being named after one of the passengers that died on the Titanic (Great Canadian Diaster that was! and it’s a canadina one cuz it happen in Canadian waters, or very close to them, and most victums are bured in Halifax).

I’d like to see what they looked like, I have an idea to use them in my own East and West Championship logos, but to do them, I need to see what they looked like.

Good one …we have Dixie cups also in our house, sometimes we even throw them out…lol

so anyone have a pic of them? you can draw it and scan it in and show me if you can.

or you can always PM me.


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Try googling them.....You might find them that way.

tried, got nothing, was hoping somebody on here had pics or links to them.

The N.J. Taylor trophy replaced the Ross cup in 1948.

so it the same as the current ones now?