Rose suspended for GC game

He’ll be playing.


He will likely appeal. League cant possibly handle the appeal by Sunday. He'll play.
Its his right under the CBA


I wonder what goes through a guy’s mind when he completely loses control like that? It’s like he was powered purely by (inexplicable) rage with no rational thoughts counteracting his urge for violence.

Maybe something similar is happening when players try to maim opponents with illegal hits. At that moment, they are 100% rage.

Kind of scary, really.

If it is appealed, and it probably will be
Could/would the League pressure OTT GM Desjardins and HC Campbell about leaving Rose off the roster as “team” discipline (wink, wink nudge, nudge)

The depth chart game rosters must be submitted 24 hours before game time.
That would be Saturday 2PM mountain time
If he is not on the roster by then, he won’t be playing

He would have to appeal before then

Thanks, Crash. My mind-reading isn’t up to snuff today. Got up at 4:25 this morning. ZZZzzzzzzz…

Always makes me think of steroids and extra testosterone.

I think the Red Blacks have to send a statement that officials are off limits. Don’t dock his pay if they wish, but don’t play him.

They took the suspension position with Carter bumping Campbell. Many Ti-Cat fans played the same card with Austin and his swipe at the official’s hand. IMO, this is much more serious and has much bigger implications. Rose should not play.

Arash Madani?Verified account
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BREAKING: Per sources, the CFLPA has officially filed an appeal on behalf of Jonathan Rose, who the #CFL announced a one-game suspension for earlier today (for the Grey Cup game).

Every player should be given due process, and the union is making sure Rose is able to get that.

Maybe he wondered the same thing & asked Hebert about it.

And look at that.

No real shock. It would be amazing if Ambrosie scheduled the hearing for tomorrow & the arbitrator ruled him out.

Seriously though, there should be a provision that if something like this occurs in a playoff game, the matter is heard before the rosters are set for the next game if the offending player’s team advances.

That cretin Rose does NOT deserve to play. Just my opinion.

You’re 100% right. If the RBs valued the officials and spirit of the game they could self impost a 1 game suspension and the league could drop theirs. Ottawa wont do that though.

Will be interesting if the officials for the GC game enforce their own justice if he plays (wink, wink nudge, nudge).

If I’m Campbell regardless I’ll send my own statement and your not coming or playing in grey cup emotion is one thing but the way he played the whole thing is way beyond emotion.He hurt his team n I thought it could have been a turning point in the game

I cannot see an Arbitrator overturning the 1 game suspension
There are 2 recent 1 game suspension rulings for a player contacting an on field Official already as set precedence and a $10K fine for HC Kent Austin plus banned to the press box for 1 game for the same

This presupposes that an arbitration hearing can take place prior to the GC. Other than that I agree 100%.

Today is Tuesday, game is Sunday. In any other industry, more than enough time. In the world of Labour Relations, perhaps not.

All they had to do was give him two games then offer him an immediate appeal hearing and reduce it to one game.

All this suspension talk is about Rose shoving an official.

IMO, he should also be looked at being suspended for the dangerous, vicious tackle on the TiCat. IIR, the player was driven into the ground “wrestling body slam? style and almost landed on his neck, potentially a life-altering outcome.

Absolutely no need for that type of tackle… well out-of-bounds and intentionally vicious.