Rory & The Tiger (Golf Channel classic)

Only its happening today - not 8 or 9 yrs ago when Roy the Boy (McIlroy) debuted.

Rory is king of swing these days - while Tiger still has those 14 majors in his pocket but his results are more of a tour hobo than an all-time great. Guess what being 43 or 44 does to you (also the many surgeries on his knees, back, neck, etc.)

Right now Tiger is 2 up thru 7 on Rory.

. . . should prolly be 3 up . . .

I suspect Rory, a traditionally slow-starter is just keeping within distance of Tiger, and will gradually begin to make his play before reeling in the Tiger and putting him out of his misery on 17 or 18.

This is the round of 16 match - but its the biggest thing in golf in many months.

After this one - no one will care but this should temporarily spike TV audiences to be sure!

Both Tiger & Rory were awful. Just when it looked like Rory was ready to pounce on a fading Tiger, Rory had a series of golf seizures and butchered 17, allowing Tiger to advance.

However, in the afternoon match, Tiger couldn’t hold on vs. a Danish rookie - and the rookie devoured Tiger on the final 3 holes to advance to the event semi-final tomorrow!

This is not the Tiger everyone remembers but a balding old 44 yr old man that kinda resembles him. Lots of missed shots, missed short putts, meek and timid approach shots, etc.

This Tiger definitely doesn’t have a major left in him. Perhaps another low end tournament win - a couple more Ryder Cup match wins and/or draws, a handful of Top 10 finishes. Still a great legacy - and he’s a great symbolic draw for fans wherever he appears!