Root for the Tigers, Nov. 11th, never forget

Our team has so much more history than just football!

CFL History ?@CFLHistory 3h3 hours ago
(During the early days of WW1, some Battalions were made up of people from same neighbourhoods (Pal Battalions) or sports teams #CFL

CFL History ?@CFLHistory 3h3 hours ago
(The 205th was named in honour of the Hamilton Tigers, because it attracted so many members of the team, such as George Ireland.

FYI - George Ireland was Pat Quinn's Grandfather

Awesome find Grover :thup: Thanks for posting it :slight_smile: and remember.......... Never Forget

You learn something new every day. Great post!! Thanks

Best post on here in a long time, thank you!

I've never considered what kind of tiger the tiger in Tiger-Cats is - but apparently we're Bengal fans? :wink:

Great bit of history.

Great post...thank-you

On a memorial stone, beside the locker room at the HAAA grounds, stands this plaque to this day

Very cool poster!