Rooney Rule in the NFL

Should the NFL keep this rule that requires teams to interview someone who is a minority for the head coaching position? If it weren't for this rule, I wonder if Smith and Dungy would be where they are today? Interesting comments from someone in the US on this:

"So we're going to have a black head coach winning the superbowl. Honestly, does anyone care what race the coach is? And if they do, does that rightly make them a bigot?. Dungy and Smith are both top tier coaches, and very stand-up guys as well. They are role models to be emulated by black kids, white kids, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and violet kids too. Honestly, who gives a damn what color they are?

Maybe now we can get rid of the asinine "Rooney rule." Lovie Smith wins Coach Of The Year last year and Dungy was a top tier coach at Tampa before coming to Indy. Herman Edwards has done well with the Chiefs and the Rooney's are about to hire Tomlin. Rivera would have been a hot commodity had the Bears been out earlier. It's kinda obvious now that the race of the person doesn't equate to their skill as a coach, so must we maintain the institutional quotas? Race will always be something that people see, but it must stop being something that people consider, and the Rooney rule is direct consideration of race. While it may have been needed well before it ever actually existed, it certainly isn't needed now. The Old Dogs can learned new tricks, even when the old dogs are wealthy NFL owners. The lesson has been learned, now get rid of the rule before the good it has brought gets replaced with animosity. Originally it brought people to the table who may have been left behind, but now the table is welcoming for men of any race. The playing field is now level; let the content of a person's character now determine their worth, not the color of their skin."

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Call me a coward if you like,but I wouldn't touch this one with the proverbial 10 foot pole.Joe Biden comes out with what he thought,(stupidly perhaps),was a compliment,and look at the trouble he's gotten himself into.Actually I'm kind of surprised that I haven't been hauled up on the carpet for my sig yet....but go ahead if you like,haul away....I've still got a couple of McGahee-isms I haven't used up yet!