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:D I finally, after many years have the opportunity to come to a Lion's game!!! I have my plane tickets and my game tickets for October 1st when they beat the roughriders, but now I need a hotel to stay in. :? It's been several years since I've been home and haven't a clue what's close to BC Place. Can someone help me find a place that is within walking distance [crawling :lol: ] or not too far away to take a cab?? Also, hopefully it won't cost me a week's wages to stay there either :roll: . It would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all!! ROAR LIONS!!!!

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i have never stayed at any hotels in Vancouver.... but this link might help you find one...

[url=] ... otels.html[/url]

.. you can pick a price range and location from the drop down menus near the top of the page, and read user reviews... hope ya find a decent one... and hope you enjoy the game

Try the Cobalt.

Also, anywhere along East Hastings, Pender, are all very nice.

Sandman Inn is about a 5 minute walk to BC Place. Got a bar where the cheerleaders and Lions go after the game.

These are all dumps, filled with drug addicts…don’t listen to this guy.

Lionbacker has a good choice. Sandman is good. Delta by Stanley Park (604-689-8188) is good and within Skytrain or HEALTHY walking distance.

Hastings has some awesome hotels try those.

It is not a palace but the YMCA has rooms as low as $54 I think. It is clean and older and lots of foreign students living there and you can use the gymn and pool facilities I believe if you stay there. I am a gymn member there.

It is on Burrard Street at Nelson and a short walk to BC Place.

The YWCA has a hotel right across the street or somewhere there by BC Place and it is fairly new and likely to be a bit more expensive but reasonable priced. You don't have to be woman to stay there, same as the YMCA - both are mixed members.

Good recomendation Football16

Actually if you google Vancouver hotels there are some good listings. Also Chronicguys link is very good too! Ramada on Broadway is also good. Don't listen to these goofs when they recomend East Hastings and Main. Nothing but trouble. If you have money to burn, there's Hotel Vancouver and Pan Pacific.

Hey even I would not recommend the lower east side

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.........stay at the Sandman, nice and close to BC Place and the Shark Club is a great bar......