I have been very impressed with three rookies on our defence, Parker and Brown at HB and Guzman at LB.

Parker and Brown made Randee Drew expendable. . . and Guzman can play, and play well, all 3 LB positions. . .

Who would you choose as our rookie of the year?

What a nice problem to have, eh? :slight_smile:

To me it's between Parker and Brown, only because Guzman doesn't play every down.

It's hard to say, because I have a lot of trouble telling Parker and Brown apart on the field for the best reason: QBs don't complete passes against them very often. :wink:

What blew me away as how fast and nimble Guzman was after the interception, and he quick he was to stuff Cobb near the goal line. That guy's got wheels!

He sures does; they're playing him more and more as the season progresses, and at all three LB spots. . . I could easily see him being first string, the only question is where to put him, MLB, Sam, or Will?

Guzman > Cox

I was also impressed by Guzman's speed and swiftness! Let's see more of this in future games. :rockin: