Stegall and Edwards missed the bus from LP Airport to the hotel! Prophetic?


...what the heck is the LP Airport?....

Lester B. Pearson International Airport. Never been east eh?


Late Players Airport??

…been east many times…‘Pearson’ is how 99% of the world refers to it, never heard ‘LP’…

Too many people congratulating them on their impending win.

I am in the east and I have to admit I have never heard it being refered to as LP.

As red said, its known as Pearson.

That's what I always call it. (And I'm only 2 hours away.)

Runway 66

I wasnt saying its called LP...just assumed Canadians would pick up on my abbreviation if they had half a brain.


...well, we all have two halfs of a brain and didn't get your half-brained idea of an abbreviation....

Ah, insulting the people because they didn't understand what you were saying. How grade school.

Whats grade school? Did you mean elementary school? LOL. Are you from the U.S.? Just kidding Chief, as much as Edmonton wants to be in the States you aren't yet are ya?


I dunno, Kel...I've called it grade school for quite some time...

I call it grade school as well.

and after high we go to C.E.G.E.P.

Thats why they all have the words _______ Elementary on them...hmmm? Dont all schools have grades? So which ones are we talking about when we refer to grade school?


Geez. Looks like you're 0-2 so far today. Oh, and for the record, my avy does not state my location. :wink:

Ah, Kel...never heard of a synonym, eh?

Not here!
We have grade 1,2,3,4,5,6
Then Secondary 1,2,3,4,5
then C.E.G.E.P.

Why yes, indeed, most certainly, and for sure I have. Have you ever heard of being incoridgable?

For example look in the phone book, or on a map perhaps. Now look up the school districts/boards. Now give me a few proper titles of the 'Grade Schools' in your area(as I could know nothing about any other areas proper titles, as Sask., Manitoba and Alberta is what I'm familiar with)? List them if you would.

Actually forget it, you are right, you are always right jm02.