Having just started to follow the Ti-cats season I was wondering what the rookies were looking like? Will there be any sticking around when final cuts are made? I would think that for such a new team they would want to keep some up and coming talent so that they can be shaped into starting players, but again, I was wondering what the concensus was?

JoJo Walker is looking Good .
So are Two Drafted WR From the Huskies

I agree with Onknight about Jojo and have to add that Dwight Anderson looked great out there too. I also like his attitude. He's pretty intense and seems to fit in well with the other guys. Moreno also looks good.

In what way, BHG? lol

He's hitting well and he's fast What other way is there?? Do you find him attractive or something, sig?? :stuck_out_tongue:

You found me out BHG... lol

What about our first overall pick?

Whats the good or bad word on him ?

He hasn't been practicing for the last 2 practices I've been to. He looked pretty good at the rookie camp. Had a little trouble running a couple of routes, but that was the first day.