Rookies, tackles, and Lulay cost us the game.

Come on now, how many drop balls were there that game by the BC rookie receivers, they cost us the game. About 8 drops, and 3 of those dropped balls had a potential for a TD. By all the turnovers and dropped balls which should of been catches, we should of EASILY won this game, we should of blew out Calgary. Then tackles, how many tackles did Calgary break, BC was diving down at the legs. Don't be lazy BC! Finish your damn tackles! Then Lulay, what was up with all his long bomb throws, especially in the last minute. All he needed was 10 yards, and instead he goes for like a 50 yard throw for TD range when all we need is FG. If he could of just threw an easy 10 yard pass then we would be in FG range to win the game, No need for that long throw. Even a few 5 yard throws would be better.

Positive side though, beginning our defense looked AMAZING, If we can hold like that all game it looks like we got a pretty good season ahead. The rookie receivers, yes there dropped catches did cost us the game, im not going to go easy on them and say its not there fault, if they caught those balls they would of been TD'S. BUT, leaning more towards the end of the game they were catching them and looking better. ITS only the second game of the season, 16 more to go, things will get better in time, and I think that time is next game, I think BC rookies finally got there groove in the end. This team has the potential to be the best team in the CFL this year, just work on a few things. Next game we got it in the bag, were going to win, I know it for a fact. The rookies will get more comfortable, and by the end of the game they looked very sharp, good and comfortable. So, next game I think if they play like they did in the beginning for defense, and end for offense, we got this whole season in the books.

So, Im going to fix this post. Was not Lulay's fault, he would of had great numbers if so many balls were not dropped, and that last play when he only needed 10 yards was not his fault, that was clearly the OC, when will they ever realize to fire that guy.

If we were both watching the same game, then lemme help you out with something:
You're playing a team who's in man press (which means they're squeezed up tight within the ten yards you need to get to get a first), you have the fastest receivers in the league and you need a touchdown or feild goal to win, but you need at least 20 yards to get that field goal and 60 yards to get a TD, with under a minute to go.
You could throw short-intermediate ranged passes and pretty much garuntee you get the pass broken up, dropped, tipped, and or picked (at the rate things were going this game with dropped balls)...which will slowly eat away at your downs and time on the clock.


you say to yourself, damn.. I have the fastest receivers in the league, and four of them have played in games last year and know what it means to make big time catches... I trust they'll easily outrun the DB and secure a catch.

I don't see a problem with the play calling...that kind of play calling wins games. I see a problem with execution... and last time I checked, the OC wasn't wearing a helmet.

watch the game bud. stop hating. start supporting your team.

We must have been watching different games; from my seat I saw a number of dropped balls hat should have been easy catches. Either these young receivers will catch balls in the first half of games or I'm sure Buono will bring in some new ones.

Any time a receiver has two hands on a ball without being hit, he should make the catch 95% of the time. I'd like to know what 'big time catches' you saw out there.

You’re misreading me, I agree with you. I saw those drops too and the point I’m making is that your pointing the finger at the OC and what I’m seeing is veteran receivers, who get paid to catch, dropping catchable balls. It’s the OC’s job to put the players in a position to have success, and it’s the players’ job to execute and be successful. I see alot of lack of execution of well called plays.