Rookie Turner out with ruptured achilles

Sucks for the Argos... :frowning:

That's terrible. I hope he'll have a full recovery and be back this season or next. It was so refreshing reading that recent story about him and how he dreamed of playing for the Argos.

tough break. The group of NI receivers after Bradwell looks thinner now after this injury and the trade of Cetout. Certainly not the most experienced group around. Think they may be watching to see what happens with the NI receivers elsewhere come cutdowns, just like the stamps might be watching for NI Olinemen.

Tough break for sure

They're the oppostion but....GEEZ i hate to hear of stuff like this......T.O. can't seem to catch a break....I hope he can return next year and try again :roll:

For speed guys, achilles injuries are often career-enders. Too bad.

worst part is how he got hurt, noone lined up, just basically stepped wrong. man that sucks. ive been stepping for 24 years or so and have yet to rupture my achilles. sucks for sure.

Feel bad for Turner. And ya, it appears thew Argos can't catch any breaks (except bad ones).

i guess the really bad part for them is turner is canadian and they just traded cetout to the riders. sucks, if it was an american who went down, maybe not such a big deal but losing a canadian b4 the season even begins.. hurts.

All the best to him, that is no mediocre injury to come back from I'm afraid. Tough for him and the team.

Everything I've read says ACL... People sure this is a torn achilles and not a torn ACL ?

TSN, the Toronto Sun and the National Post all say rupture achilles.

Via the Argos thread ...I did not have high expectations anyway, but this is sure sad because it would have been great to see if he could pull a Larry Allen though perhaps stay in the league:


Your implication of some human inferiority on Americans yet again in this post after yet another post last night putting down Americans is appalling and certainly unwelcome. How it has a place in this forum will have to be examined, for this is a repeated offense.

I doubt I am the only one who would have sympathy for an athlete of any nationality suffering such an injury, but I guess you fail to see any humanity to the situation.

Too bad.
Has alot of promise as a return guy, starring for the hometown team.
Hopefully he recovers as fully as possible.
This was one draft pick I really looked forward to what he could do in his rookie season.

What canadian recievers do they have left on their roster?

No Schmidt
No Scott
No Talbot
No Lambros
No Turner


In this case I think he was referring to Turner being a non-import (far greater value), than an import. It's much harder to find competent non-imports, so every loss is compounded. If he was an import, it would be easier to replace him. He may otherwise just be cut outright.
I don't think he meant it to be rude in.

It has nothing to do with inferiority or superiority of any nationality and everything to do with the import/non-import ratio and availablity of players. It's harder to replace a quality non-import player than it is to replace an import. There is a huge number of imports to choose from while the size of the pool is a lot more limited with NIs. No one wants to see anyone get injured but from a football standpoint it is tougher when you lose an NI.

Geroy and Blue Blood, certainly I can understood those points, but given the hateful nature of his profanity-laden message last night, which has been removed, condemning me also as an American most definitely he ought to have been more explicit about that particular point. I see no reason given his recent comments not to take this as I think he intended it anyway but might deny -- another slam at Americans.

I would have given benefit of doubt along the lines of your comments otherwise no question, but this messenger has shown quite the agenda of hate towards not only me but towards Americans with his comments and they WILL be addressed.

Hopefully that will be enough of that matter and we move on to the game itself.

Poalo, lighten up. Everyone here seems to know he was talking about the ratio. You're the only one taking offence.