Rookie Shows

I would like to formally ask Pete Dyakowski how I can acquire tickets to this special Rookie Show on June 18th after the game? I have a feeling they could make quite a profit....

The video blogs are hilarious and the money on a string is killing me!! The one girl tried to take Dave's money!! Hilarious!

The team is full of great personalities! Keep it up boys! Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves!

Shout out to Shakespeare Productions!! #55

As far as I know rookie shows are for players and coaches only. Thats the typical football tradition with them at least.

Just wanted to add to this (since there is no edit option after a few min.) that every football camp in the CFL and NFL has a "rookie show" as it's called. It doesn't mean a public event as in a real show for people to buy tickets to and such. It's an inner team event. Never ever seen one open to the public ever from any team in North America.

It's really just borderline hazing.

Still it in good fun and Team that Bonds will be strong with they have rough patches during the season

Got to love Peter:)

Here's my idea: they should use this as a fundraising opportunity. I know I'd pay money to see that.

What you guys are missing is that this is a ritual right within football culture. Only veteran players have the true privilege of requesting and viewing random song performances by rookies and the rookie show. All we get are whatever tiny little clips they choose to show us on TicatsTV.

This is something that has been part of football culture (and kept within it) for decades so I am surprised fans don't realize that. I went through both the rookie hazing and veteran privileges when I played university ball. If you truly ever want to be part of this kind of stuff then you have to become a football player.

The players deserve at least one thing just for them and thats the way it's been for 30-40 years.

According to Dyakowski, 140 years.

Anyone who "catches" the money should be allowed to keep it.

Didn't think so many people would take it so literally. I don't expect them to actually sell tickets, I was simply expressing my delight in the clips from TicatsTV.

Thanks for all your "know it all" comments though (Zenstate). Lots of people on this forum are so confrontational and seeking to show off their imagined knowledge. Lighten up people!

settle down Zen, it was clearly just a fun thought, he wasnt going to call up Pete and pitch his idea, people take things too seriously on this site sometimes :roll:

You seemed genuinely ignorant to the whole thing to me. Hence why I explained everything so throughly. I didn’t realize that experiencing this part of football culture first hand made me a know it all. Apparently when you experience something first hand and explain it to someone it makes me a know it all. I think maybe you’re a little delusional. Work on that…


Settle down? I was explaining something to someone who seemed ignorant to what they were asking about. I never showed any anger or anything close to that and then you came along with “settle down”. You seem a bit delusional yourself.

Zen, i meant settle down as in your taking this to seriously, not that your angry? why would somone ever get angry about a thread about a rookie show?

do you have a sense of humour? because I think you needed one to post on this thread :lol:

Seems everyone but you here, is delusional....hmm... that possibly makes YOU delusional.. no?

Says the guy that can't tell the difference between football and hockey.

Sure I can.. 1 threatens your intelligence, the other... well you seem to think you know it all

I'm not going to get into some goon argument with you. I don't speak your language.

Take your diluted mind and go learn a few things so you can stop feeling that other people "know it all".

Wow this thread got ugly fast. Pretty silly. I didn't miss the point of the rookie shows. I just would love to see them. Obviously not going to happen, but based on what I"ve seen it would be hilarious to see.

I am sure we see a little of them via Ticats tv

You're probably right. I would expect it on Stevie Baggs's V-blog. I wouldn't be surprised if he recorded a little of the Rookie Show and gave us fans a sneak peak.